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Today's RED Hearts Update: Beauty

Sample Beauty In Full

By Zulay Regalado, 25, reporting from Miami on a pretty, inexpensive way to try cool new cosmetics

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my choices in beauty products. I mean, I’ve been using the same Rimmel London liquid eyeliner since sophomore year of high school. If that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is. At the top of my list of reservations about betraying my beauty brands of choice is the fear of spending money on a product I might not even like. So how to sample the cool cosmetic offerings out there without risking an unpretty amount of cash?

For $21 a month, Boxycharm offers this in full. By full, I mean it’s a monthly subscription service that sends you full-size beauty products (none of these too-tiny-to-tell dollops) from various new and well-known brands. Cue the charm factor in the name: If you’re smitten by a product in their care package, there’s enough to last for a good while. So I need not worry about running out of this summery shade of Mirabella lipstick before fall. And if you decide you’re ready to make a larger commitment, you can always individually purchase any of the products you’ve sampled on their website. Pretty smart, right? Because there is just no such thing as too much of one awesome lip color.

This month’s subscription includes a fun, bright-pink Appeal Cosmetics lipstick (pictured) and a Lauren B Beauty nail polish in a pretty, true red (also pictured), along with four other samples that unboxed would total a retail value of $128! For $21, this is a definite steal.

Check out their blog and Instagram account (@boxycharm) for beauty tips and sneak peeks at upcoming featured products. I’ve had to make some room for my now steadily growing repertoire of beauty standbys, but I’m willing to bet my once lone liquid liner enjoys the company. Charmed, I’m sure.

Whisk all ingredients together. Thin with additional water or lime juice if desired.

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