• Red in Ohio!

    So I logged onto my facebook today and I got a post from one of my friends that I went to middle school with. She now goes to college at Ohio State. Apparently she went to the library and checked out this interesting looking book and started reading it. After a few short stories, she realized that she knew some of the authors which happen to ...
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  • Gaia Scholarship

    This is a short, almost 200 word essay I wrote for a college scholarship. The question was, "What do you love, and how do (or will) your actions demonstrate this. my response:  I love people, experience, and adventure. New horizons and opportunies are out there in the world and simply staying in one place will not get me there. I ...
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  • random

    I dream about tornados, a lot
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  • Washington D.C.

         So this year, the Dearborn High Marching Band was invited to Washington D.C. to march in their national memorial day parade. We were the only band from Michigan to be invited. The first day was miserable because we had driven for 10 hours and by the time we got there it was noon on saturday, so we still had a ...
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  • I´m in Spain!

                Hey everyone! Guess where I am? If you cant already tell by the title, I´m in an internet cafe in Madrid, Spain! OH yea, that´s cool. We got on the plane, and it took about 8 hours to get there! It took forever. I was sitting there and bored out of my mind after thinking we ...
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  • This is my Title

    So we just had finals week in school. I'm glad it's over and I'm surprised how relaxed I was through it all. The New semester starts tomorrow, we have a half day. I'm worried about that. We get our new schedules in 1st hour and first semester was a brilliant time for me. I had difficult classes (all honors and AP) but the ...
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  • #1 Daughters

    Yesterday Hannah and I were at home and we were hungry and the kitchen had no food in it. So we drove to the bank then went to breakfast. Hannah has been complaining that she hasn't bought a single christmas present for anyone, therefore I should drive her to Kmart. We attempted to navigate our way to Kmart and got lost on the highway, I was ...
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  • This is a boring entry, don't read if you're looking for excitement ;)

    This was the longest week I've had in a while. I had to worry all week about making up my math test because there are so many steps involved with it. You basically have to do about 4 items of practice over the stuff you missed untill it is drilled into your brain and you end up having nightmares about it. Oh yea, math ...
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  • THIS is the time of your life, get out there

    I love my friends. I love that feeling when you're out there with a big group of them, and just having fun. I also love when I'm with just that one friend and we seem to be having an amazing time. I've decided that when it comes to "best friends" I had narrowed it down to two, that are real, true, best friends. Hannah, of ...
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  • Haha, Hannah is gonna laugh at me

      Last night I went out with my boyfriend and two other couples. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and Colton spilled his pop, then we went to see August Rush at 9. I loved it soo much. It was so inspiring and beautiful. At the end, I cried. It was the first movie (or anything in that matter) that has ever made me cry out of happiness. Before ...
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