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  • teacherly post

    Something happened to me between the time I started school, way back in 1995, and now. And I think it was more than getting taller or learning math. Someone must have stole the time because some days I would swear it was just yesterday that I was sitting next to Kelsey in Mrs. Reinhold's classroom...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 04-07-2008
  • gmail enjoys spam.

    -- Went to a costume party at a friend's house last night. I was Cher. :-" Potentially there will be pictures soon. -- I HAVE TO ANNOUNCE THIS SOMEWHERE AND THIS SOUNDS LIKE THE BEST POSSIBLE PLACE TO DO SO: ~ College ~ Acceptances (in order of notification): +Centre +Wittenberg +Beloit +Kalamazoo...
    Posted to gmail is a tricksy thing (Weblog) by saskiab on 03-22-2008
  • the bads and the goods

    Yesterday I was thinking of something to blog about but now I've forgot what it is. My mind is not exactly working at top speeds today. Neither is the rest of me, seeing as how I've spend the grand majority of the day in bed. Yesterday was weird, and not exactly a good weird. Well. Maybe both...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 03-06-2008
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