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• I'm revising this bio because I was high when I wrote it the first time- No I'm just kidding but I just realized I could easily be taken seriously. I was very very sleep deprived, plus I already copied it to one of my blogs. I’ll just take this opportunity to talk about myself a little more… I’m not even going to pretend like I have anything better to do-Scratch that- I’m not even going to pretend that I want to do anything better... •My name is Sam or Sammy or Samantha •I have also been called Sam-Sam, Squanthers, and Samalam (I’m not a picky name person; in fact, I don’t really like picky name people. At least I don’t really like American picky name people) •I like deep personal conversations; I actually can’t have goofy superficial conversations with people really, until I’ve had deep ones with them. Amy thinks it’s a New York thing to have approach friendship this way. •I have stage fright (which I think has something to do with why I can’t be myself around people until I understand them) I don’t tell good stories because I get nervous and slur. I can write pretty good ones though, but I guess that’s all subjective. What else?????? Ahh yes- If you have read my essay already you probably have distinguished me as the ________girl. (I don’t want to be presumptuous) But allow me to stretch that label out a little further, just so there are no misjudgments… I prefer to be labeled the ex-sheltered turned bad-ass, rehabilitated over analytical therapy Junkie who happens to have a published Memoir (It carries a little more pretension than “Personal Essay, don’t you think?) In an anthology dedicated to the true teenage experience. The Book is called Red, by the way.

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