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RED is the first living book–meaning that every one of its 58 writers has a blog here so their story never ends. Connect with the author whose story particularly spoke to you, see what she's been up to since, share writing, photos, videos, songs from Red the Book: the Soundtrack and more.

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“Here he is, looking at me and my crazy I-don’t-really-care-right-now after-school clothes.

‘And I thought you were dumb,’ I say.

‘So did I,’ he says, smiling like Jimmy Fallon.”

Hayley Hoover, 16
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“I just hope people don’t feel like this for the rest of their lives.”
Sam Lewin

“Someone once said that I should kill myself I’m so fat. Not to my face, no, but they meant for me to hear it.”
Amy Hunt
“I am aware that people struggle with this daily, and that I’m not the first, nor the last, to ask these questions. Books adorn the shelves on divinity, religion, The Idiot’s Guide to God. We are all the idiots.”