• I am a terrible person.

     Well, I mean, not always, but I seem to be the worst blogger ever sometimes. Like with this place. I mean, I said I would update, but then I haven't even gone on this site lately. I'm like one of the distant RED girls. Maybe I'm the only one, but I wouldn't know. *hits head on hand*


    Other than that, well, dry spell, my life has been boring and normal. Nothing excited has happened, save a fabulous winter break where I did nothing but lounge around and stay about very late. As always, the holidays pass, a few gifts richer, and then the new year begins. These things aren't big events to me, really. Christmas is a wonderful holiday, but I've never been a very holidayish person. I can't seem to get into the festivities. The best thing about New Year's Eve is the annual Monopoly game. Eh. Still, they were lovely times, but now they are over and my midterms are approaching way to fast.


    Exciting things soon, good and bad:


    -Loads of Russian Work.

    -Seeing Legally Blonde: the Musical in two weeks.

    -Rereading Deathly Hallows.

    -Daily Show and the Colbert Report return.


    My mother got me autographs from The Dresden Dolls. She is amazing. They are in good company with the other autograph she got me: Conan O'Brien. I would think writing an essay all about the glory of Stephen Colbert would get me an autograph too, but I guess he is still oblivious to the fact. Ha.


    I have so much writing, mostly original work but some fanfiction, I want to work on but nothing seems to come to mind anymore. I should just write about nonsense, because I seem to be full of it sometimes.


    Fun facts about my:

    -I have very chapped lips since I hate lip balm.

    -Dry skin, because I hate lotion.

    -I found the best ring ever today in a vintage store for ten bucks.

    -I'm way to slow to burning cds onto my computer for my iPod.

    -I love Bed, Bath, and Beyond like whoa as of today. So many towels and pillows!

    -Milk is my favorite drink.

    -I love dramatic crime movies, especially about killers (Silence of the Lambs, Zodiac).


    I promise to update more. I don't make many promises, but this one I did...make. :D


    Toodle pip. 



  • Randomness, now with 75% more Lee Pace fangirling.

    I seem to have forgotten to blog.


    Which isn't a surprise, you see, because I have about 2172 old diaries and blogs just hanging about my existence that only have two or so entries before I forgot about them. My livejournal only thrives because blogging about random internet things is much easier than talking about. So, taking a page from that book, I will blog about random things.


     First: thinking about the future. The first career I ever thought about was teacher. Ever. You see, my dad cannot work due to a disability (before that, he was a worker on the Erie Canal, true fax) and my mom works for the state, so following my parents has never been something I have considered and never will. But EVERYONE wanted to be a teacher back then, it seemed. Now, I have come to the realization that my patience with children is very small and that I hate teaching people (even my peers; just do your own worksheets!). Lately I have been looking into three things: journalist, printer (like, with the press and everything), and Pie maker (like Ned, which would be a GREAT transition into piece number two, except I have more to saaay). Today, it seems like being a journalist is the new teacher. There are so many people I know who want to do that. Even though I have been repeatedly told that it is the perfect career for me, I have to disagree. As much as I love writing, I don't think I could cover something every day that I most likely have no choice over (except freelance, which is daunting) and do not care about. Blah. Printer seems FUN! I would love using all the typesetting and inks. Pie maker is the profession of Ned on Pushing Daises (oh hai there, Lee Pace in an apron) and I make good pies (well, I made my first one yesterday, and my mom seems to keep inhaling it).


    Second: Lee Pace! I think since I have subjected my mother, father, best friend, livejournal friends, etc to mentions of his facial expressions/adorableness, I should do the same for all you lovely people out there. If you didn't know, Lee is Ned on Pushing daisies, he is very tall, and his face was molded from birth to make the best facial expressions out there. Currently, besotted and confused have to be my favorite, because he does them constantly on PD*. Other wonderful things include his acting (he will blow you away in Solder's Girl, in which he plays the solder's girl and wow!) and his wardrobe on PD. Seriously, there was this trench coat that I want (I enjoy suit-wearing). 


    Third: I wrote two essays: one about my hatred of change (the coins) and the other about life in Albany, NY (and what comes from living in the much forgotten capital of NYS/shadow of NYC) on the train up from the release party fun. If I can retrieve the notebook from my brother's car, they should be up soon. :D


    My firefox spell check doesn't work on here and my formatting sucks. I still lurve you all.




  • The introduction of mine.

    Hello to every reader out there. I'm Sarah S. This is my, probably very boring, first post due to me JUST getting back from a fabulous trip downstate to New York City.


    I am a terrible person at discribing things that I enjoyed about trips, but I must say:


    -not even tripping and seriously bruising my knees could ruin the Release Party on Thursday for me. Especially after Amy H. gave me the chocolate and Saskia B. gave me the birthday hug. They are seriously the best people on the planet.


    - The Party, meeting each writer, getting autographs, the Friday reading, the atmosphere, and everything was so amazing.


    -This whole experience cannot be defined in words by me. Mostly large groups of YAY and EEE.


     Looking forward to updating more, 

    Sarah S.