• Konstantine

    Today i spent at least an hour listening to my favorite song in the world on youtube.  its called Konstantine by something corporate.  Its a beautiful song, exactly what I'd expect out of Andrew McMahon (of Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin).  I listen to it at least once a week.  Every time i get chills at a different part.  The song is filled with so much meaning, and it is definitely one of the most perfect love songs I've ever heard.  I used to even consider that it changed my life.


    Then today, months after discovering the song I finally learned what it means.  Its about cheating on someone you love, and losing them forever.  For Andrew, it was Krystal.  One night he got drunk and cheated on her, ultimately losing a girl he really loved.  The songs tittle was supposed to be Constantine, but he changed it to Konstantine due to the unusual spelling of her name.   People say the tittle comes from constant (constant, constantine - pretty close), but my opinion is that Andrew chose the tittle because he cheated on her.  When I looked "Constantine up on I found that the word seems to mean a man whore, which seems to be how he felt after cheating on a girl he truly loved.  


     It seems like so much of everything is about love, but this song is about so much more.  Its about forgiving, forgetting, remembering, appreciation, redemption.  Its the love song of the world.  Looking back on all this information i have about one little song, i realize that i care about Andrew more than i even know.  I analyze his songs, i buy his music, i tell everyone i know about him (and now i right an entire blog post about him).  When his new Jack's Mannequin CD comes out in March, ill buy it on opening day.  And maybe, just maybe, ill see him on his next tour.  If i did it would just about change my life, again. 


    Fave Andrew songs with more meaning than it looks like:

    1. Katie by Jack's Mannequin (  Andrew wrote this song for his sister who saved his life when he needed a bone marrow transplant. Andrew was diagnosed with cancer right when his first Jack's Mannequin album came out, but he is now fine. The song is currently unreleased.

    2. I'm Ready by Jack's Mannequin ( and  The first video is JM playing live - i had to put it on.  Its not good quality, but you just have to see the way the people react.  Its like he started some sort of cult.  Another great song about moving on with life and looking in new directions.

    3. Cavanaugh Park by Something Corporate (  The video is a little um, strange, but its a great coming of age song about a childhood park, and everything it represents to Andrew throughout teenage and childhood. 


    And most importantly, the Konstantine link;  The song clocks in at 9 minutes 36 seconds, but its worth every single second of it.