• This was Werid my night last night

    So last night my boyfriend came over and ate dinner with the family and of course my parents love him. It was also our One month so that was cool. But once he left i came into my room to check my myspace for soemthing iw as wating on from someone and I look at my screen and it said Hello Tiff.. and in that email i had a eamil from matts sister who wanted to applogize.. Most of you dont know this but we changed matts name to andrew in the book due to some major issues with matts mother and family blaming me for his death and all and i never met him in person how was taht my fault? But anywyas his sister was like Tiffani look i went out and i saw a book called Red and a bought it not knowing you were in it. ANd when i read your essay it made me understand how much matt helped you and then it made me thing how much he helped me and so many others. and she was like i am so sorry for everything my family said. So yeah it was really hard for me to tell her that its all okay but i also wanted to let you all know that She LOVES your essay's to she said she could relate to alot of them.. not just mine since it talked about her brother

    I watned to say thank you all for helping me get Matts family back into my life

    Yall rock


  • Today

    So as I told you all last night i was gonna quit riding horses but I tried to quit and the lady i ride for would not let me stop.. She said that it has done to much for me.. She told me not to worry about what my coach says but it swear if he says one more thing to me I am gone.. Another reason i could not bare to leave is because one of the younger girls begged me and i cried so yeah ANyways how is everyone else doing? Also tahnks to everyone who supported me while matt was still fighing his cancer and WE ROCK Girls

  • new update

    Hey guys ,

    SO as you all rember i am an active horse back rider well as of tonight i have decided to stop.. This is because some issues with my coach telling the other kids about my illness when i tried so hard for them not to notice so i would not be treated diffent like I am now.. ANd they took it apon them selves at the last horse show to post a picture of me in my Wheel chair well that sent me over the edge and i am Fucking tired of their *** saying i cant be on a ceritn team because they dont want me there cause of my illness and ***.. and so they stick me with the novist team when i have been there for 5 years? What the ***

    anyways i am done now talk to you all soon

  • Hey Update since My essay

    Hey guys i just wanted to give an update since the book. I am currently still riding horses, We found out that my illness is more under control then ever. I am also riding a diffrent horse this year for drill team her name is Dixie... I am In the CNA program at my school. I have one of the most amazing boyfriends ever. and Most of all most people have read this in the book. But my friend Matthew aka in the book "andrew" passed away on July 22, 2007. I havent taken it very well but I am slowly getting througth it and I know he is My angel and yeah So that is the update for now.. How are you all doing?