Red the Book: the Soundtrack

Songs chosen by the writers of RED...

"There should be no shame in music." — Olive Panter

RED the Book: The Soundtrack

Immaculate Machine "Broken Ship" (Ones and Zeroes) • Bishop Allen "Butterfly Nets" (The Broken String) • Magnetic Fields "You And Me And the Moon" (Get Lost) • Denizen Kane "Another Life" (Tree City Legends, Vol. 2 - My Bootleg Life) • Saturday Looks Good To Me "Alcohol" (All Your Summer Songs) • Robbie Hazen "We're Not Alone" (Remedy EP) • Rainer Maria "Catastrophe" (Catastrophe Keeps Us Together) • Beirut "Transatlantique" (Elephant Gun EP) • Yell Like Hell "100%. Then Pray Hard" (Love Always, Your Liar EP)  • Dr. Dog "Heart It Races" (Heart It Races EP) • Kelley Stoltz "Wave Goodbye" (Below the Branches)
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“I just hope people don’t feel like this for the rest of their lives.”
Sam Lewin

“Someone once said that I should kill myself I’m so fat. Not to my face, no, but they meant for me to hear it.”
Amy Hunt