• 18 days

     18 days into 2009 and i can safely conclude that, if this year will be anything like the last two weeks, i'm in for one hell of a ride.

    i think that this time,though,  i'll throw my hands up and lean into the rush. xo

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  • my lost pic

     I was sorting through my middle school picture album last night and, in a little pocket on the back cover, found a tiny plastic picture bookmark with your 8th grade yearbook photo printed on it. It was so cheesy; you were posing with your arms crossed and your head tilted up with your chest puffed out to try make your 14 year old scrawniness look older than what you were. You wore that playboy smirk on your face that you always used when you were trying to look cool. We all knew you were a dork so it didn't matter. :)

     It was nice to find that. I didn't even know I still had it, really. Thanks for the reminder, J.

  • a change of mental pace

    So, I promised myself I would make a conscious effort to try and blog more because A. there's a bunch of thoughts and ideas and what not's buzzing in my head, and B. i'm tired of writing these thoughts and ideas and what not's on random pieces of paper and napkins and classwork notes. I've been more attuned to my more analytical senses lately, for some reason. I mean, I'm usually a pretty perceptive person and I tend to mentally elaborate more on things that probably shouldn't be given even the last 10 minutes of my day, but these past few months have put my mind on overdrive; it's an overdrive of what if''s and why not's and why do these thing's happen...'s (?) and it's coming at me from all sides; work, school, my social life, everything's just..out of whack, i don't know. It's like those moments when you really have to concentrate hard on something, or trying to remember one thing and you just keep getting sidetracked by everything around you. I can't quite pinpoint what this feeling is, but I know it sort of feels like when you surrender your control to adrenaline; driving a car at top speed without bothering to keep a conscious control of the steering wheel, or throwing yourself off the highest cliff into water, not knowing how you will land or what awaits in the waves but acknowleding the fall, conscious of the rush. I guess the reasons behind my unknown adrenaline will make thmselves known when the time is right. But will it be too late by then? My car can only speed so far without reaching a roadblock. I can take the fall, but how long will I be able to tread in the water? OK, I know this might not make sense at all and it's really actually very vague, but it's better than trying to sum it up along the margins of my math homework -__- Promise I'll be back with a bit more specifics and coherency.
  • while i wait for school..

    Man, it only takes half a summer vacation for me to realize how much i miss school and how busy it keeps me. The hustle and bustle of work-to-school is actually..fun? weird thought, but it's true.

    So while I wait for the fall semester to start, i'm just trying to keep busy.. maybe start a new book? I just finished Flipped and it was the CUTEST. Wasn't really that into it at first, but i forced myself to sit down and get through it (since I had bought it about two months before and had yet to get past the second chapter) and it ended up being the sweetest story. Teenagers with the wit and humor of fully grown adults. Recommend it!

    As for new reading, I'm open to reading pretty much anything, as long as it keeps me clinging to the plot. Any suggestions?

     Hope everyone is doing awesome!

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  • yup. it's officially summertime.

    Today just reminded me why I barely ever wear jeans around this time.

    This is what i HATE about living in So.Fla. I mean, the sun is awesome and the water at this time is starting to rise above freezing temps, but its the humidity and the rain that just kills everything. I honestly don't know how tourists can take it; it's always a good 10 degrees hotter with humidity, and it doesn't help that Florida is an already scorching hot state.And when it rains, forget it- the humidity + the heat + THE RAIN= stay in your house and sit under an air vent.

     I walked outside today to have lunch- I might have been outside like what, 15 minutes?- and the amounts of vapor surrounding me were enough for me to sweat a good third of the liquid in my body, making me have to walk back into my office looking a terrible hot mess. /sigh


    And just because i think i brought this upon myself, i just looked outside and it looks like it's gonna pour. Thank you, Mother Nature.

  • bitter memories and painful accomplishments

    So I accompanied my sister to a viewing for her friend's grandmother. Turns out the viewing was in the same room that my friend Jesus had his in. Hm, wasn't so good. Tried to keep my composure but of course, failed miserably.

    But on a lighter note, I completed level two of the Air Climber!!! Which leads me to wonder why i'm even reporting every level I finish; I guess it's because it hurts so much while i'm dong it that i can't help but brag -_-

    Alright, promise i'll be back with something more interesting than my exercise 'feats. It's been a long night- longer than i anticipated- so i think a dvd and some cafe con leche sounds awesome right now.




  • HI JONNY! >:o

    I recently got back from a trip with some friends to Orlando..AWESOME! Man, we had SO much fun.  i really needed a trip like that. Just to get away for one weekend and have some fun. We went to Islands of Adventure on Saturday-video coming soon!-  and dinner on Sat. night was HILARIOUS.  We went to Hooters and basically ordered the entire menu, all while talking about the crazy things one person did in their sleep, or who got queasy on what ride (which, btw, i strongly suggest to anyone who doesnt wanna throw up not to ride Dueling Dragons after downing chicken tenders and 1/3 of a pizza.hmm). We also went to Aquatica, this new water park with some super fast slides and the laziest lazy river ever, and now i'm sitting in my office, redder than the red flats i'm wearing and itching because my skin is tragically peeling. :(

    But anywho, we rode this one slide called the Dolphin Plunge, where you went down this tube slide (PITCH BLACK, let me tell you; i thought i was gonna have a panic attack!) that led you through a pool filled with Commerson dolphins (the website showed like, a billion of them in there but the pool only had 2 -_-) and then to a little pool where you exit the slide. We were all excited to go on it and laughing and cheering, but when I saw that light turn green and I slid down, the party was OVER. The only sound I heard was the water rushing with me, and when it got to taking a glimpse at the dolphins, I was too busy trying not to drown from the water riding up my nose. I swear, the people watching from outside the pool only saw a flailing vibrant  body in a bright pink bathing suit, trying to shoo water away. When we all got out of that slide and we just looked at each other with a serious face, like saying "..man. that was uncomfortable". So after that scare, we headed out to the wave pool and hit the lazy river, which had a grotto full of colorful fish. Idk, we got on like 50 slides, and they all ended in me having a permanent wedgie, but it was fun. :p

    Now I'm back in Hialeah (with pigment!) and awaiting my next trip to Orlando this Friday (again). I'm going canoeing to some spring with a some friends and one of their families, so there'll be more sun bathing. Horray for my extremely white skin!

  • a whole summer to do anything i want. yaaaaay.

    When is it my turn to have the fun?! And I'm not talking about the "stay up all night and party my ass off" kind of fun; I'm talking more along the lines of the "feel like i'm actually doing something worthwhile with my life" kind of fun. But the good news is that I have a whole summer to figure this awkward feeling out. Hopefully it goes away because if this is any sign of what's to come, then i'm in for a hell of a 2 months. Hm. 

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  • my "entertaining" life

    After weeks of obseving my own social patterns, I've concluded that I am a very "uneventful" teenager.

    "Uneventful", because I refuse to use the word "boring".

    Ok, you really start to question your social life when your PARENTS are getting ready to go out on a Saturday night, and your mom walks into your room, borrows your makeup and asks, "why aren't you going out tonight? get out of bed and have fun!" while applying glittery plum eye shadow to her eyes. Meanwhile, I'm laying in bed, drowned in 3 pillows and two blankets watching True Life and wondering the same thing she is.

    Tragic. Freaking tragic.

    Mind you, this is my 2nd saturday staying home and doing nothing but growing roots in my bed. And I've HAD chances to go out; honestly, I can go out and not have to worry about a curfew or where I go or what time I get back (given that I dont abuse my privelege). I can go anywhere, at any time, yet i choose to sit in my room and rearrange my school supplies.

    You know you don't go out much when you meet some friends up at someone's house and one of them goes, "omg! she got out of her cave!"

    I do NOT live in a cave, I'm just tired. I mean, I work and I go to school and I have many responsibilities that i need to keep track of. I don't sit around and twirl my hair at home all day watching The Hills.

    But then again, I think to myself: if my parents do it, then I should be able to..i mean, im only 19. And I'm in college! I'm supposed to be living the college life! I need to stop being to "uneventful" and go out and do stuff! So i'm working on going out more and not worrying so much over how many hours I sleep (or don't sleep). I'm young, and I need to live my life and see different places and just do different things. Going to Starbucks on a Thursday night won't kill me, and I'm sure hanging out at a friend's house every Tuesday from time to time won't hurt much. Man, I just need to stop being so blah and just have fun. Oh well, we'll see how far I'll get with that. Attleast i have my Orlando trip (!!!) to look forward to in the summer. Ahhhh, I can't wait! :)




  • i've been trying to post this for three days and it didn't let me until now -__-

    Oh man! I I've neglected my blogs for a while. Everytime I sit down and tell myself that I'm going to write something, my thoughts get caught up in something totally different and I space out. But now that I've knocked my mind back into orbit, I can finally recap some of the things going on in my life right now.


    I have finally achieved, after years of hopeless inability, to get a decent grade in math.I don't think I've gotten a B in math since like..what, 3rd grade? Major milestone. I've really buckled down this semester and concentrated more on my work, and the positive feedback i'm recieving from my professors shows that my dedication is paying off. After thinking about what i want to do with myself career wise, i've decided to stick to my original plan and go into editing and publishing. It'll be a long and strenuous road-no doubt about that- but like everything else in life worth pursuing, it takes time and patience.

    Jumping onto other subjects, I really wanted to share this with others, just because I think it's disgusting and I don't understand it. I went to this club on saturday (FYI: for any of you who visit Miami in the near future and decide to check out the clubs-given that you are of age- be careful which one you decide to go to; the ones by the beaches are great, but I strongly suggest staying away from the 18 and overs. ew.) to hear some music and hang out. It was just a really uncomfortable atmosphere, seeing all those chicks grinding all up on other guys- kind of like the story in RED about grinding (can't remember the girl's name right now, sorry! I'm horrible with names -__-) -these girls were literally BENT OVER, holding on to a table and rubbing their..um, parts, all over these guys. And the disgusting part is that they did it right in front of where I was sitting, so I was subjected to the closeness of their booty popping, or w.e you wanna call it. I think to myself, doesn't it ever cross their mind that they look like total whores? And one of the girls had like, 5 guys lined up to dance with her, but for all the wrong reasons. It was my first time in a while going to an 18 and over club, and now I see why I never liked it. Not that I think I'm way too old for that or anything, I just think the clubs with more of an age restriction have a bit of a better crowd. Needless to say, however, the guys I went with had no problem watching this chick and her reggae rubbing. ew.

    The club story was basically my weekend in a nutshell; since it was scorching saturday and sunday and it sucked the energy out of me and left me to veg around the house. It was a record 90 degrees on saturday, which means I have to start hitting the beaches. :) I really get back into blogging and communicating with all of you, so hopefully I can keep this up and make some time write to you all. Happy St.Patty's day to all! :D

  • career crisis?

    So I've been thinking- am i really making the right choice by choosing the career i want to pursue? I mean, I've always wanted to be an editor/writer; i remember being in the fifth grade and doing a project on how I see myself in 20 years, and I spoke about being in the writing/editing business. It's the only thing I feel like I actually have potential doing (i know it sounds like a case of lack of self confidence, but it's the only thing i see myself doing, and actually liking). I've spoken to my mom about it and she believes that as long as i'm doing what makes me happy, then it's worth it. Then again, she also believes that it's more of a dream than a steady career, in some aspects. I sometimes think the same, but when you want something so badly and you truly believe that it's the right path to take, then why not follow your sense of direction?


    Idk, it's something I've been putting a lot of thought into. When we're kids, our peers always reassure us that we have plenty of time to think about what we want to be when we "grow up". My time, however, is a bit more limited, and my growth has hit overdrive these past few years, so I think it's time for me to really take a moment and weigh my options.

  • lending a hand

    There's this website I found today called FreeRice.com. It's a vocabulary game where you have to guess the meaning of each word correctly-for every one you get right, the site donates 20 grains of rice through the United Nations to prevent world hunger. I found it browsing though the internet today, and i Snoped it and it was real. Now i'm practically addicted to it because I'm helping out for a good cause and learning some new vocab at the same time.


    So between finding this site, eating lots of cake and finding out that i don't have class on Saturday (!), this has been an AMAZING birthday. :)

    Short entry, but I wanted to share this new site with you all. So check it out sometime!


     Hope everyone's taking it easy :)

  • i can finally sit down and do this. yes!

    Man, i haven't been able to blog in a while. This year has started off so busy, but part of me likes it this way. It's not a bad kind of busy; it's a "i have so many great things going on that I can't sit down for one second" kind of busy. I've given myself a lot more leisure time and just loosened up a bit more- A TOTAL help- and just let things happen as they go. Thanks to that, I now spend my weekends totally engulfed in having fun and spending it in such good company that I forget that it's back to work on Monday. I've been keeping up with writing in my journal- something i've never been able to do- and it's proven to be a big help to me because i've got some pretty good stuff in there! (i'll post some of my more public stuff soon. it was just an effect of writing on impulse and I was a bit surprised at the outcome). I have a strong feeling that this will be a great year, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed for it. :p

    I've been thinking about Amy G's question on girls and the internet. I think it comes down to the fact that girls are naturally more emotional than guys; we have a deeper connection with those emotions and are able to express them in creative ways, such as blogging (the world's cyber journal), art, etc.  Now i'm not saying that there aren't any guys out there who posess these characteristics; I know a few guys who are really able to show off their creative minds through poetry, music and such- but speaking in a more general manner, girls tend to have an edge on the males. It's quite the interesting topic because now that I think about it, girls have a lot to work with on the internet. We have online communities such as Myspace, which is honestly a chance for any girl to show off their "unique" side via bulletins and profile edits and decor. We have a website called Flip- an online scrapbook community where people (namely girls) can create their own flipbooks; there's contests and different challenges and an endless amount of ideas where one could create flips on school, love, friends or anything else you want. The more of these sites that are made, the more girls get to expand their creative abilities. Growing up, guys are taught to "be a man" and not show as much emotion because it's the "manly" thing to do. Though when you really think about it, emotion and self expression are a HUGE part of growing up, as well as succeeding in the adult world. It's about being able to communicate and think outside the box, and I believe that because girls are able to do that via internet, it gives them that extra edge.


    I know this is totally off topic, but I was also thinking about this yesterday when I was talking to a visitor at work. He mentioned a story in the news about a cop being found dead in an unmarked car.  He told me, "it's amazing to know how no one respects the law these days". And he has a point; this is one of three stories I've heard on cops being found dead recently. Of course, I understand that police officers know what they are getting themselves into when they choose that career path, and it's a life risking job and all; but now, more than ever before, all these stories are coming up about them dying and it just strikes me as odd. The world is becoming a scarier place by the second. You can't even go outside your own house without fearing someone driving by and shooting you. The violence rate in this country has risen tremendously, and it's really something to be concerned about. I know there is no such thing as a "violence free" atmosphere, but it's just progressing to a point where you ask yourself, if the law can't protect you, and the walls of your own home can't, then something really needs to be done. I think this topic will be one for me to consider when I vote this year (!!!), along with some other issues, but I won't get into that now.


    Some of these things may sound like random ranting, but I felt like sharing them, and it felt good to voice my opinion to others for once. Goodbye for now- i'm off to my frist day of a new semester at school! :)


    I sound too excited, I know. But for some odd reason I'm feeling very awake today. Hm.



  • I am officially ADDICTED to Project Runway.

    So I got to watching some episodes of that show last night, and I love it! I mean, i had watched it before, but i never really payed much attention to it. Some of the designs were awesome- makes me want to start designing my own clothes! (haha. yeah, right.) My friend had told me that one of his frat brothers was on the show, which was pretty cool. I have to say though, for anyone who watches it and knows what i'm talking about, Chris' wedding dress design..ew. (i might have the name wrong, idk.) As I was watching Heidi Klum eliminate designers with a simple "you're in" or "you're out", i started to laugh because i don't think America will ever run out of reality show ideas. As tastefully addicting as a show about potential designers fighting with pins and sewing machines to make it big in the fashion industry SOUNDS, it's still a funny concept and i couldn't help but giggle at our country's limitless television capabilities. 

    At the end of the show, i started to wonder what i was gonna wear to work the next day, because lord knows it's always a mission to find something that matches. But all in all, i finally found a show worthy of looking forward to every week (besides The Hills, but i was never home to watch that so i was stuck watching reruns, which isn't as exciting because by the time I watched them, everyone I knew told me what happened. )


    Goodbye for now!





    OMG. i just answered the phone at work with "thank you for watching (co.name)-er..i mean, calling" All this talk about the show got to me. Oh boy.

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