yup. it's officially summertime.

Today just reminded me why I barely ever wear jeans around this time.

This is what i HATE about living in So.Fla. I mean, the sun is awesome and the water at this time is starting to rise above freezing temps, but its the humidity and the rain that just kills everything. I honestly don't know how tourists can take it; it's always a good 10 degrees hotter with humidity, and it doesn't help that Florida is an already scorching hot state.And when it rains, forget it- the humidity + the heat + THE RAIN= stay in your house and sit under an air vent.

 I walked outside today to have lunch- I might have been outside like what, 15 minutes?- and the amounts of vapor surrounding me were enough for me to sweat a good third of the liquid in my body, making me have to walk back into my office looking a terrible hot mess. /sigh


And just because i think i brought this upon myself, i just looked outside and it looks like it's gonna pour. Thank you, Mother Nature.

Published Jun 10 2008, 03:08 PM by zulayr
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jordynt said:

Haha you're right; Florida humidity is the worstest.

June 10, 2008 9:28 PM