December 2007 - Posts

  • I am officially ADDICTED to Project Runway.

    So I got to watching some episodes of that show last night, and I love it! I mean, i had watched it before, but i never really payed much attention to it. Some of the designs were awesome- makes me want to start designing my own clothes! (haha. yeah, right.) My friend had told me that one of his frat brothers was on the show, which was pretty cool. I have to say though, for anyone who watches it and knows what i'm talking about, Chris' wedding dress design..ew. (i might have the name wrong, idk.) As I was watching Heidi Klum eliminate designers with a simple "you're in" or "you're out", i started to laugh because i don't think America will ever run out of reality show ideas. As tastefully addicting as a show about potential designers fighting with pins and sewing machines to make it big in the fashion industry SOUNDS, it's still a funny concept and i couldn't help but giggle at our country's limitless television capabilities. 

    At the end of the show, i started to wonder what i was gonna wear to work the next day, because lord knows it's always a mission to find something that matches. But all in all, i finally found a show worthy of looking forward to every week (besides The Hills, but i was never home to watch that so i was stuck watching reruns, which isn't as exciting because by the time I watched them, everyone I knew told me what happened. )


    Goodbye for now!





    OMG. i just answered the phone at work with "thank you for watching (co.name)-er..i mean, calling" All this talk about the show got to me. Oh boy.

  • Regina Spektor did this to me. Blame her.

    Hmm. I was looking through my senior yearbook, and maaaaaan, i miss some things.

    I miss not having to worry about making it to work on time. Or keeping up with so many responsibilities. I miss being a yearbook editor and spending hours in our class editing and dancing to spanish music on the computers. I miss eating lunch in a specific table everyday, and having verbal battles of wit with one of my favorite teachers. I miss feeling giddy before going to english class every day and singing in the stairwells with my songmates, and sometimes sneaking into the little theater's storage room and the art gallery with them, just to talk crap. Ah, the bitter effects of growing up. It's funny that Braille, by Regina Spektor, did this to me. I don't have a lot of these gushy moments, but this one hit me like a brick, so I had to share it.



    But uhh...yea. So, how's everyone else?

  • holiday chaos!

    I went Christmas shopping this weekend. Oh boy.

    The malls were PACKED. And I really don't enjoy having to shove my way to the register to buy ONE thing. Ugh. What I find extremely ironic and baffling is that I went to the mall to buy gifts for other people, and I somehow left the mall with stuff for ME. Hm. But I'm going again next week to finish off my gift list. I did, however, buy my neices their gifts- as much of a mission as it was to get them. I bought the younger neice the bike she wanted, and I also got her a shiny pink Hannah Montana backpack (she's OBSESSED with that chick. It's kind of annoying sometimes). As for the other neice, I got her a phone, which she's also wanted for a while now. Bro, It's funny how my neice gets a phone at her age, and I didn't get one until I was like, what..15? But yea, I really outdid myself this Christmas with them.

    I still have a whole list of people to buy gifts for, and virtually NO time to shop for anything, but I'll figure something out. :p

    As for school, Im 2 finals down with one more to go (computers!). It's the exam I'm dreading the most, but hopefully it'll be easier than I think. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    And I'm out!




  • some very important lessons to live by.


    Man, oh man. I think these past two weeks have been the longest in a while. I always say that about every week, really- but these past two in particular have been horrible. The whole 'waking up an hour early' every morning threw me off. School's been a headache because finals are approaching (ahh!). Then there was the constant stress from having to deal with jumpy people at work with nasty attitudes and a blocked car in the lot they want me to somehow move for them.

    No. Just, no.


    But all stress and anxiety aside, this week finally started off on the right foot (and I DO mean that literally- I almost walked out of my house on Tuesday with a mismatching purple right foot sandal :x). So I'm taking this time to reflect on three important life lessons I've come to soak in during my week from hell.


    Lesson 1: On bad mornings, simply feign sickness to avoid forced conversation. Ever have those days when you just don't wanna talk to anyone? And lucky for you, on that SAME day, it's like the world gets an email saying, "(insert name here) is having a crappy day. Let's go sit by him/her and engage in hour -long meaningless convo!" These are the days when you just want to start and end your day, all in complete solace- not having to explain to everyone coming to get coffee why you're not taking the time to listen to their ramblings about life and love and how young I am to be to take on such a time consuming workload. NO, I don't want to talk about my life at home with you. NO, I DON'T care about how much you love your new outfit, and NONONO, for the LAST time, I AM NOT PREGNANT; it's called A-LINE, and it's all the rage this season!

    So me and my pack of Kleenex had fun dodging the incredibly uneasy aspect of socialization.


    Lesson 2: Do NOT leave a homework assignment, due Friday, unattended until Thursday night: Oh, procrastination. Everyone's done it at one point or another. But there are some situations where it's just not right to put things off until the very last minute; "some situations" being in the form of a six page MLA paper in which the better half of the semester is planned around that AND ONLY that. And giving yourself false hope by thinking that you can finish the last 4 pages at work is even WORSE. I mean, if you can answer phones, make coffee, take messages and stamp the owner's mail ALL at the same time-while trying to conjure up a thesis statement out of thin air- then by all means, go for it. But for the more human, it's not suggested.

    And most importantly,


    Lesson 3: When the going gets rough, sit back and think of how everything will pay off in the long run: Seeing as things haven't exactly gone my way lately, I took one night to just sit in my living room and and take advantage of the few angst-free minutes I had to myself. Okay, so maybe I do over-stress things a bit. If one thing goes bad, then I automatically shut out the idea of my day possibly getting any better. What that does, in turn, is make me stress about things that aren't even WORTH it. Who cares if I left my room an utter mess to come home to, and then have to deal with unhappy coworkers plus 4 hours of long, rest depriving night classes? It's called growing up- and I'm still doing it, one day at a time. It's time for me to quit being such a baby and take my responsibilities for what they are. It may be rough now, but a goal without sacrifice is not a goal worth reaching. So embrace change, and it shall embrace you at the right time.


    And with that said, I must go and study for my first final exam of the semester. I'll be screaming joy to the high heavens once it's all over, but for now I shall take my newly discovered life lessons and ride this out. 'Till then, peace!



  • MOSHkoshbcgosh. :)

    Life is all about trying new things, right? well...yah. Buzz Bake Sale was definitely an experience to remember. Luckily, I got to see PARAMOREEEE!#$^%

    yes, note the excitement in my writing.


    They were awesome! Now, the only part that i didn't enjoy was the fact that I was practically piggy backing the person in front of me! Ah, it was horrible. I mean, I'm a bit clausterphobic, but if I just concentrate and ignore the fact that mosh boy and his pack of shoving cronies were trying to stir up a RIOT! in the crowd (ha.RIOT! get it?! and yes, it's the title of their album, if anyone doesn't know. :p), I'd be fine. but the SECOND Paramore started to play, it got CRAZY! And naturally, I lost it. If it wasnt for my friend Jean shoving people off of me, I would've really gone nutzo in there. So me and Anne went to the back of the crowd, and eventually, Aurora and Jean caught up with us and we eased our way a bit closer to the stage (we were still pretty far, but i wasn't about to go into that smothering crowd for round two).

    After Paramore, we walked to the main stage where the Used was playing (well, more like sprinted, because Jean's OBSESSED with that band and he had already missed a good part of their show, so he was practically dragging us!). We just sat on the lawn and relaxed until it was time to go.

    Man, oh man. Saturday was interesting. I had fun, but it's not something I would do over and over again.



    In OTHER news, I came into work an HOUR AND A HALF EARLY today. And when I get here, my boss walks in and she's all, "oh wow! you're here early...why?"

    "Uh, yea. you told me to come at 8."

    "oh, really?! oh, wow. you didn't have to, you know."


    Story of my life.