June 2008 - Posts

  • yup. it's officially summertime.

    Today just reminded me why I barely ever wear jeans around this time.

    This is what i HATE about living in So.Fla. I mean, the sun is awesome and the water at this time is starting to rise above freezing temps, but its the humidity and the rain that just kills everything. I honestly don't know how tourists can take it; it's always a good 10 degrees hotter with humidity, and it doesn't help that Florida is an already scorching hot state.And when it rains, forget it- the humidity + the heat + THE RAIN= stay in your house and sit under an air vent.

     I walked outside today to have lunch- I might have been outside like what, 15 minutes?- and the amounts of vapor surrounding me were enough for me to sweat a good third of the liquid in my body, making me have to walk back into my office looking a terrible hot mess. /sigh


    And just because i think i brought this upon myself, i just looked outside and it looks like it's gonna pour. Thank you, Mother Nature.

  • bitter memories and painful accomplishments

    So I accompanied my sister to a viewing for her friend's grandmother. Turns out the viewing was in the same room that my friend Jesus had his in. Hm, wasn't so good. Tried to keep my composure but of course, failed miserably.

    But on a lighter note, I completed level two of the Air Climber!!! Which leads me to wonder why i'm even reporting every level I finish; I guess it's because it hurts so much while i'm dong it that i can't help but brag -_-

    Alright, promise i'll be back with something more interesting than my exercise 'feats. It's been a long night- longer than i anticipated- so i think a dvd and some cafe con leche sounds awesome right now.