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  • HI JONNY! >:o

    I recently got back from a trip with some friends to Orlando..AWESOME! Man, we had SO much fun.  i really needed a trip like that. Just to get away for one weekend and have some fun. We went to Islands of Adventure on Saturday-video coming soon!-  and dinner on Sat. night was HILARIOUS.  We went to Hooters and basically ordered the entire menu, all while talking about the crazy things one person did in their sleep, or who got queasy on what ride (which, btw, i strongly suggest to anyone who doesnt wanna throw up not to ride Dueling Dragons after downing chicken tenders and 1/3 of a pizza.hmm). We also went to Aquatica, this new water park with some super fast slides and the laziest lazy river ever, and now i'm sitting in my office, redder than the red flats i'm wearing and itching because my skin is tragically peeling. :(

    But anywho, we rode this one slide called the Dolphin Plunge, where you went down this tube slide (PITCH BLACK, let me tell you; i thought i was gonna have a panic attack!) that led you through a pool filled with Commerson dolphins (the website showed like, a billion of them in there but the pool only had 2 -_-) and then to a little pool where you exit the slide. We were all excited to go on it and laughing and cheering, but when I saw that light turn green and I slid down, the party was OVER. The only sound I heard was the water rushing with me, and when it got to taking a glimpse at the dolphins, I was too busy trying not to drown from the water riding up my nose. I swear, the people watching from outside the pool only saw a flailing vibrant  body in a bright pink bathing suit, trying to shoo water away. When we all got out of that slide and we just looked at each other with a serious face, like saying "..man. that was uncomfortable". So after that scare, we headed out to the wave pool and hit the lazy river, which had a grotto full of colorful fish. Idk, we got on like 50 slides, and they all ended in me having a permanent wedgie, but it was fun. :p

    Now I'm back in Hialeah (with pigment!) and awaiting my next trip to Orlando this Friday (again). I'm going canoeing to some spring with a some friends and one of their families, so there'll be more sun bathing. Horray for my extremely white skin!

  • a whole summer to do anything i want. yaaaaay.

    When is it my turn to have the fun?! And I'm not talking about the "stay up all night and party my ass off" kind of fun; I'm talking more along the lines of the "feel like i'm actually doing something worthwhile with my life" kind of fun. But the good news is that I have a whole summer to figure this awkward feeling out. Hopefully it goes away because if this is any sign of what's to come, then i'm in for a hell of a 2 months. Hm. 

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