while i wait for school..

Man, it only takes half a summer vacation for me to realize how much i miss school and how busy it keeps me. The hustle and bustle of work-to-school is actually..fun? weird thought, but it's true.

So while I wait for the fall semester to start, i'm just trying to keep busy.. maybe start a new book? I just finished Flipped and it was the CUTEST. Wasn't really that into it at first, but i forced myself to sit down and get through it (since I had bought it about two months before and had yet to get past the second chapter) and it ended up being the sweetest story. Teenagers with the wit and humor of fully grown adults. Recommend it!

As for new reading, I'm open to reading pretty much anything, as long as it keeps me clinging to the plot. Any suggestions?

 Hope everyone is doing awesome!

Published Jul 10 2008, 09:47 AM by zulayr
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