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  • adorable-ocity in a blog...and many other things!

    I know "adorableocity" is not a word, but I couldn't think of another one so early in the morning! :p


    I finally got to upload the picture of my baby nephew from Thanksgiving:

    Ahhh, isn't he cute?! xD


    So yeah, this week has been one of the LONGEST weeks I've ever had. I spent the better half of it stuffing and sealing envelpoes at work. And all I have to show for it is an office stacked with leftover letters and 4 paper cuts. -_-


    I think I'm beginning to grow a bit of an obsession with Postsecret. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a book containing postcards sent by anonymous people from all over the world who let out their deepest secrets and submit them on a card. Some secrets are really sad, some are cute anf funny, and some are just downright weird. And the cool thing is that there's 3 volumes, so there's more from where book 1 came from! My friend and I decided it would be cool to submit a postcard, but I'm still thinking about what I would write, so let's see.

     In other news, I'm going to the Paramore concert tomorrow! Ahhhh, so freakin' excited. And what's even better?! There's a whole lineup of cool bands perfroming, so I see myself having a seriuos jam session. :)

    Speaking of jam session, I CANNOT get "Clumsy" by Fergie out of my head. It's starting to really annoy me, and I don't even like that song. -_-

    Oh, and I was at Lincoln Road last weekend and I found RED at Books and Books! I was so excited- my friend's mom bought it and had me autograph it. It felt weird, but waaaay amazing. I took a picture with it, but that will be posted soon. I still have to shrink it and crop it and what-not. Stupid Samsung cams.

    And that's all for now. I have some fun pictures to show you all, and that will be next blog. Until then, have fun, stay fly and have a nice weekend! :)


    ps. please excuse the random transition from subject to subject. This is due to a lack of time and proper brain flow, since it's 9 in the morning and I have many things to to. ha.




  • good mooorning, dah'lings:)

    Ah, Friday. Why am I sitting at workkkm@!# @DS

    Sorry. Had to get that out.

    So yea, Thanksgiving was goood. Less people came over than I thought, but it was still a fun night. I took a bazillion pictures- most of them consisting of my adorable baby nephew- and everyone ate tons. How was everyone elses?

    There's really not much behind this blog..just felt like wishing everyone a happy unThanksgiving, since I didn't post yesterday.:p Hope everyone has a fantabulous Friday!



  • for my brother:

     I hate to talk about something like this here because I usualy keep these sort of things to myself, but today just feels like a different day.

    Exactly one year ago, my friend Jesus passed away from cancer. Everytime i think about that afternoon in class, just sitting at my desk and letting the tears fall, I get the urge to tear up again. I'm not really good at coping with a loss, no matter what it is; this one just hurt extra because he was someone I grew up with.  I think the part that hurts the most is that I was naive enough to believe some of the things he would tell me. i remember chatting with him online one night and he was ranting on about how excited he was that he was in California, recording his demo tape. He always aspired to be a recording artist, so of course I was happy for him. With him, conversation just flowed. I didn't have to think about what we would talk about- it just came to us. He was a part of some of the best years of my life; the weekends at his lake with our crew, the movie nights, sneaking in and out of my friend's house so we could all hang out by his dock late at night and just talk crap, gosh I miss it. Though I try not to think about it, i miss it so much. My carefree years.

    The night of the service, his mother was telling me how he was ashamed to tell his friends that he spent weeks at a time in the hospital, so he would tell us that he was on vacation in Cali. He didn't want us to pity him- he didn't want the worry. To this day, I kick myself in the ass for not sticking by him as much as I should've- i just didn't know he was going through so much. Though it makes me sad to have to realize that he's gone, I know he would've made fun of me to no end for being so emotional. It's hard though, you know?

    I feel like today's gonna be a long day. I know i'm gonna be thinking about this until i go to bed. But a part of me also feels that he's gonna help me get through today. I just hope he still knows that i love him and i'm sorry.He used to call me his sister- and he will forever be my brother, in my mind and heart.  The day is beautiful because he's lingering in the clouds, smiling down on all of us. :)


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  • As American as American can get. For me, attleast.

     Ahhhh. I have homework. :(

    Screw college; i'm gonna stay home and become a professional blogger. Does that exist?

    I'm SO happy it's Thanksgiving week. I'm going up to St. Augustine on Friday with some friends, so that should be fun. And I can't wait for Thursday- my aunt is making the food. :)

    I mean, it's not like I have a PROBLEM with eating puerco asado, congri and yuca for Thansgiving. Or Christmas. Or New Year. Or Padrino's birthday, or any other festivity where my fam gets together. The good thing about my aunt cooking is that she's more Americanized than my mom is, so she cooks the actual American Thanksgiving food. yummmmmm:) The nice thing about my family is that we love our Cuban food. Any day, every day- I love taking my mom's leftover dinner to work for lunch and having everyone wonder where that awesome smell is coming from. It's great, and it's the only thing I know to eat at home or on a holiday.

    But there are times when you just NEED a break from it. Call it expanding your horizon's, if you will, but I look forward to Thanksgiving at my aunt's because it's the one holiday of the year where the menu switches up. So all in all, Thrusday is gonna be great. My uncle is already nagging me to burn him a cd to play at his house, so I know Thanksgiving is going to be anything but calm and quiet.

    But attleast I'll have my mashed potatoes, and they can play all the Bolero they want. :)

  • sleepMANIA.

    I can't believe I'm actually able to keep my eyes open today. Last night was the longest night EVER!

    So Anne, Aurora and I decided it would be cute to surprise our friend Yeli for her birthday. We (more like they, because I spent the whole day working and wasn't there to hear the full plan. grr!) decided to make her a "19 Year-Old Necessity Kit", where we filled it up with things that reminded us of her. Super Cute! We added a black and white disposable camera (since she's a phptographer), Sour Patch Kids, Sour Skittles, a bottle of Margarita Mix with some lemons (she is our Margarita making extraordinaire!), Zebra Cakes (in which i was tempted to open the pack but held back tremendously) and a cute little photo album. Then we (once again, I had no part in this, i just agreed) decided that we would write all over her car with those car-window markers. It would be the perfect plan, really nice- until i decided to ask at what time this was all going down.

    "Uh, yea. I'll pick you up after you get out of school!"

    "Um..Auro? I get out at 11 pm."

    "Oh. Well then I'll be there by 11:30!"

    "Um...Auro? I get out at 11pm."

    "Well,  I get out of Salsa class at 11, so that's when we can do it"


    Why, salsa class, why.

    This might not seem like much of a big deal to some people, but I'm a bit of an old soul. I hate staying out late on weekdays, no matter what extremely fun,let's-be-teenagers-and-paint-the-town-on-a-Wednesday-night kind of activity comes up. I hate it. I need sleep. Lots of it, too. My mom thinks it's some kind of disorder I have where I'm obsessed with sleeping or whatever, but that's beside the point.

    So I get home after class and I wait for Anne and our friend Juanqui to come get me. I took it upon myself to balance my sleep schedule and ask Auro when exactly we were gonna get back.

    "Will we be back before 12?"

    "Yeeeea, of course! Don't worry, it'll be FUN!"

    I get picked up, we're on our way. Then Anne drops the bomb on me.

    "So what Wal-Mart did Aurora say she was meeting us at?"


    Wait. What? Wal-Mart?

    So this was me, at Wal-Mart on a Wednesday night at 11:40. After walking the store what felt like 15 times,  we finally got everything and we on our way to her house. I check the time: 12:45. So much for making it back by midnight.

     We get to Yeli's house and we start decorating her car. That part was fun because we PACKED it. We drew music notes and wrote inside jokes, and Anne and Aurora even left a cute note for her parents on their cars.

    All in all, it was a pretty cool night. And I did NOT get home at 12. Try 2. So 5 hours of sleep and an episode of 'A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila' later (I couldn't resist. I HAD to see who got elimindated!), I'm here, typing this at work.

    The moral of this...er, blog: Sleep is NOT for the weak- it's for those who can't take going to Wal-Mart on a weeknight at 12 and playfully vandalizing someone else's vehicle in the dead of night.

    But I love Yeli, so I can just make that sleep up some other time. :)



    And btw, for those attending the NYC party tonight, HAVE FUN! I can't make it, so I hope everyone has the best time. Party up!





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  • Second one today, but i had to.

     I found my flashdrive like, 2 seconds ago, and I found the FUNNIEST pictures- which, btw, do not deserve to see the light of day. ever.

    Oh, the things I do while sitting in a late night computer class.

    Hm. I wonder if i can pop in Dane Cook on this computer.


    Yea, let me not.

     G'nite everyone. :)