I am officially ADDICTED to Project Runway.

So I got to watching some episodes of that show last night, and I love it! I mean, i had watched it before, but i never really payed much attention to it. Some of the designs were awesome- makes me want to start designing my own clothes! (haha. yeah, right.) My friend had told me that one of his frat brothers was on the show, which was pretty cool. I have to say though, for anyone who watches it and knows what i'm talking about, Chris' wedding dress design..ew. (i might have the name wrong, idk.) As I was watching Heidi Klum eliminate designers with a simple "you're in" or "you're out", i started to laugh because i don't think America will ever run out of reality show ideas. As tastefully addicting as a show about potential designers fighting with pins and sewing machines to make it big in the fashion industry SOUNDS, it's still a funny concept and i couldn't help but giggle at our country's limitless television capabilities. 

At the end of the show, i started to wonder what i was gonna wear to work the next day, because lord knows it's always a mission to find something that matches. But all in all, i finally found a show worthy of looking forward to every week (besides The Hills, but i was never home to watch that so i was stuck watching reruns, which isn't as exciting because by the time I watched them, everyone I knew told me what happened. )


Goodbye for now!





OMG. i just answered the phone at work with "thank you for watching (co.name)-er..i mean, calling" All this talk about the show got to me. Oh boy.


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