my "entertaining" life

After weeks of obseving my own social patterns, I've concluded that I am a very "uneventful" teenager.

"Uneventful", because I refuse to use the word "boring".

Ok, you really start to question your social life when your PARENTS are getting ready to go out on a Saturday night, and your mom walks into your room, borrows your makeup and asks, "why aren't you going out tonight? get out of bed and have fun!" while applying glittery plum eye shadow to her eyes. Meanwhile, I'm laying in bed, drowned in 3 pillows and two blankets watching True Life and wondering the same thing she is.

Tragic. Freaking tragic.

Mind you, this is my 2nd saturday staying home and doing nothing but growing roots in my bed. And I've HAD chances to go out; honestly, I can go out and not have to worry about a curfew or where I go or what time I get back (given that I dont abuse my privelege). I can go anywhere, at any time, yet i choose to sit in my room and rearrange my school supplies.

You know you don't go out much when you meet some friends up at someone's house and one of them goes, "omg! she got out of her cave!"

I do NOT live in a cave, I'm just tired. I mean, I work and I go to school and I have many responsibilities that i need to keep track of. I don't sit around and twirl my hair at home all day watching The Hills.

But then again, I think to myself: if my parents do it, then I should be able to..i mean, im only 19. And I'm in college! I'm supposed to be living the college life! I need to stop being to "uneventful" and go out and do stuff! So i'm working on going out more and not worrying so much over how many hours I sleep (or don't sleep). I'm young, and I need to live my life and see different places and just do different things. Going to Starbucks on a Thursday night won't kill me, and I'm sure hanging out at a friend's house every Tuesday from time to time won't hurt much. Man, I just need to stop being so blah and just have fun. Oh well, we'll see how far I'll get with that. Attleast i have my Orlando trip (!!!) to look forward to in the summer. Ahhhh, I can't wait! :)




Published Apr 08 2008, 09:34 AM by zulayr
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beccam said:

haha. I concur. I've got no life recently but I get out of college for the summer in a couple weeks so all of the work is piling up.

p.s.  Orlando is amazing, I go to college not too far away from there and I adore it.

April 9, 2008 11:18 AM