i've been trying to post this for three days and it didn't let me until now -__-

Oh man! I I've neglected my blogs for a while. Everytime I sit down and tell myself that I'm going to write something, my thoughts get caught up in something totally different and I space out. But now that I've knocked my mind back into orbit, I can finally recap some of the things going on in my life right now.


I have finally achieved, after years of hopeless inability, to get a decent grade in math.I don't think I've gotten a B in math since like..what, 3rd grade? Major milestone. I've really buckled down this semester and concentrated more on my work, and the positive feedback i'm recieving from my professors shows that my dedication is paying off. After thinking about what i want to do with myself career wise, i've decided to stick to my original plan and go into editing and publishing. It'll be a long and strenuous road-no doubt about that- but like everything else in life worth pursuing, it takes time and patience.

Jumping onto other subjects, I really wanted to share this with others, just because I think it's disgusting and I don't understand it. I went to this club on saturday (FYI: for any of you who visit Miami in the near future and decide to check out the clubs-given that you are of age- be careful which one you decide to go to; the ones by the beaches are great, but I strongly suggest staying away from the 18 and overs. ew.) to hear some music and hang out. It was just a really uncomfortable atmosphere, seeing all those chicks grinding all up on other guys- kind of like the story in RED about grinding (can't remember the girl's name right now, sorry! I'm horrible with names -__-) -these girls were literally BENT OVER, holding on to a table and rubbing their..um, parts, all over these guys. And the disgusting part is that they did it right in front of where I was sitting, so I was subjected to the closeness of their booty popping, or w.e you wanna call it. I think to myself, doesn't it ever cross their mind that they look like total whores? And one of the girls had like, 5 guys lined up to dance with her, but for all the wrong reasons. It was my first time in a while going to an 18 and over club, and now I see why I never liked it. Not that I think I'm way too old for that or anything, I just think the clubs with more of an age restriction have a bit of a better crowd. Needless to say, however, the guys I went with had no problem watching this chick and her reggae rubbing. ew.

The club story was basically my weekend in a nutshell; since it was scorching saturday and sunday and it sucked the energy out of me and left me to veg around the house. It was a record 90 degrees on saturday, which means I have to start hitting the beaches. :) I really get back into blogging and communicating with all of you, so hopefully I can keep this up and make some time write to you all. Happy St.Patty's day to all! :D


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