• Complaints and Accomplishments

    Ok, so this is my first ever blog, and I really don't know what to talk about, or who is going to read this. But, I guess thats the point of a blog, you never know who is seeing it and what they are thinking about it. So right now in my life it feels that choir (yes I know thats very dorky ) is taking over my life. I really enjoy singing and I made just made Region Choir which is kind of a big deal, but right now it seriously sucks. I had to leave school early today (a good bonus) then rush over to another school and sing for three hours. Tomorrow (Saturday) I have to go to that same school at 8:45 in the MORINING and it is seriously going to upset my plans to sleep all day over Thanksgiving break. Then I have to rehearse from 9:00 until 4:30 and the concert is at 5:00. While I really like singing that much of it at one time over the SAME 5 pieces I have had to listen to for the past 2 months is pure torture. On the plus side though I just nailed 2 new skateboard moves, I'm not very good so even though they are really easy Im incredibly proud., and I don't have school for one amazing awesome week. I will enjoy and cherish each homework free moment. And I guess this is the end of my first blog.