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Hey everyone, I'm Sarah. I found out about Red: The Book from my dad around november last year and decided to write an essay about my twin sister, Hannah. All the same, she entered an essay as well, about me. And a few weeks later we recieved emails from Amy saying we had both of our essay selected for the book! A few things about me: I'm a Senior in high school. I am in the marching band and on the soccer team there. I absolutely love marching band, every person in it is my friend and they are all just amazing people. Some of them are going to be my lifelong friends. Outside of school I have a bunch of friends that have already graduated highschool and we get together on sundays and play football. It isn't real tough football with the linebackers and everything, we line up and someone says hike and everyone on offense just tries to get open for passes. It's really fun and afterwords we get slurpies. :) I love my friends so much, they mean everything to me and all of them are great people. I hang out with a few of them just about everyday, we go to each other's houses, or to laser tag, Ann Arbor, school football games, etc. And then there's Hannah. We are so immensly close. Not in a creepy twin way where we can't stand to be away from each other. We are more like just friends instead of sisters because sisters usually hate each other and fight, but friends are forever.Yea, we have basically all the same friends so we are together a lot, but then again we are very independent. We usually never fight, we'll have silly arguments but we end up laughing at each other in the end. W're both going to Michigan State University. She's entering the communications/entertainment media division, while I'm doing International Relations. and I'm not sure what else to write, haha. thanks for reading :)

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