Taking Advantage

Hey, look, a blog!

The RED event on Sunday in LA was unbelievable. It was surprisingly empowering to finally meet other writers. To hear what they had to say literally in their own voices. Plus, those croissant mini hot dogs? Man oh man, I could go for a few more of those.

In other news, I have finally told somebody, showed somebody this book. See, I don't really want the entire high school to know the (not so) intimate details of my freshmen year. But I promised a teacher, no, a friend (that quiet, reserved one from my essay), I'd show her. So I did and she loved it and, really, when someone else is proud of you, it's pretty damn gratifying. Makes you all warm and fuzzy and orange on the inside.

Of course, the downside is my entire English class now knows. I promised this, uh, guy I'd show him my essay and I did and then someone asked and he said "LOOK ELIZABETH GOT PUBLISHED" Thanks man. I appreciate it, really.

Then again, this was the same boy who yesterday spent thirty minutes painting my car to ask me to formal.

So I guess, I suppose it's alright.



jordynt said:

Hey I met you!

Heehee. That guy sounds sweet.

December 6, 2007 5:00 PM