Hooray for Red Buyers!

I was hanging out at Barnes & Noble alone all night (unusual for me, right?) and...

I watched a girl buy our book. How sweet is that?

I called my mom and asked if I could walk up and sign it.

She said no. My mom, that is.


P.S. I finished nanowrimo this afternoon with 51,000 words. Wahoo!



jordynt said:

Yay! Go you!!! I'm still hovering around 42k. So I should really get working on it.

November 30, 2007 6:22 PM

graceh said:

Oh my goodness that is so amazingly exciting! WOW I wish I could have seen that. It must've felt great! I totally would've wanted to do the same, to go up and sign it lol! It's interesting to think about what my mother would've said.....you know she's always pushing me to go forward and be gutsy and test out situations so knowing her she'd probably have wanted me to/let me. Maybe even have been the one to tell me to do it in the first place haha! But wait you called her on the phone? How strange! I would've just done it if I were you lol, that's be a story to tell someday, just to see the girl's reaction would be interesting...and not to mention entertaining!

December 16, 2007 2:17 AM