my first time?

i'm confused about the concept of blogging. it's my first time. it's one thing to write a story once, about one particular moment in time, and have someone read it; an entirely different one is writing everyday and letting people know exactly what's happening and how you're feeling. of course, i''m sure that there's an element of discretion involved: unless a person is a complete masochist, no one would ever want to open themselves up to criticism that easily in such an interactive and anonymous forum.

i guess i'll try it, though.

so here i am: trying. and my god, it's fucking hard. maybe next time you come back--but that's presumtuous of me--if you ever come back again, maybe you'll see drawings. or maybe photos. or maybe playlists.

i'm kind of all over the place these days. my portfolio development class is getting more and more nervewracking, the deadlines for college applications closer and closer, my impending graduation sooner and sooner (which i'm thrilled about by the way). i guess i just need to sit down with some go-betweens and nicole atkins and just do it all. finish sewing the "setting up fer band practice" quilt and finish the polaroid chart of my musical attractions since birth and finish my brown-risd dual degree essay and finish this list of things to finish.

this is actually kind of helpful. this blogging thing. mental lists, preparations, reflections. they're all crucial parts of a person's everyday life. you wouldn't be able to function either physically or mentally without them. just writing the last sentence of the last paragraph was kind of helpful...

my diabetic cat is crying for food from downstairs, so apparently, this is the end of this blog. i'll end this with my focusing on drawing playlist (actually called DRAW FOCUS in my itunes):

1. cattle and cane -the go-betweens
2. when you were mine- crooked fingers (prince cover)
3. ten thousand line- electric president
4. statue- immaculate machine
5. together we are both alone- nicole atkins
6. peach, plum, pear- final fantasy (joanna newsom cover)
7. treehouse- i'm from barcelona
8. two-headed boy- neutral milk hotel
9. brother in conflict- voxtrot
10. the news from your bed- bishop allen
11. waterloo sunset- the kinks
12. hounds of love- the futureheads (kate bush cover)
13. fireworks- animal collective
14. GPS by antelope
15. windy- the association
16. we rule the school- belle and sebastian
17. wear your love like heaven- donovan

'til next time, dudes

Published Nov 18 2007, 11:53 AM by olivep
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