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  • RED Hearts: Beauty: The Loveliest Lashes

    By Lisa Chau , 21, reporting from Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the eyelash curler she goes to bat for I have been obsessed with my eyelashes ever since the day I-seventh grade, age 12-stole my sister's eyelash curler. You see, my little Asian eyes were blessed with scraggly, thin lashes that point straight...
    Posted to Beauty (Weblog) by admin on 11-19-2009
  • RED Hearts: Beauty: Hair Help: Untangled At Last!

    By Alison Smith , 18, reporting from Brooklyn, New York, on a summer beauty product that's as good as ice cream. I can still remember being six, perched on the edge of my parents' bed as my father attempted to detangle my wet knotty locks with nothing but a flimsy plastic comb. Sadly, my hair...
    Posted to Beauty (Weblog) by admin on 08-13-2009
  • RED Hearts: Beauty: The Perfect Smoky Eye

    By Jaclyn Humphrey , 19, reporting from Syracuse, New York, on videos that make it easy, even for the makeup impaired For those who are kind of makeup challenged like myself, this is for you! I actually have many horror stories about my attempts to apply makeup. One time I was trying to imitate a look...
    Posted to Beauty (Weblog) by admin on 02-14-2009
  • RED Hearts: Beauty: Zit Attack

    By Saskia Boggs , 18, reporting from Kalamazoo, Michigan, on a zit fix that actually works I am 18 years old, and I get a lot of zits. For the past, oh, five years (at least), I've been searching for the perfect acne medication. I've gone through the washes, the face masks, the treatment pads...
    Posted to Beauty (Weblog) by admin on 01-28-2009
  • This is what wizard rock does to me.

    It makes me believe in hope, love, magic, beauty, dreams. Yesterday (though it still feels like a today to me) I went to Bloomington, Indiana, with Michelle. We went for the Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo, with Math the Band, Uncle Monsterface, and Harry and the Potters (and an extra band, called Good Luck...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 08-03-2008
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