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  • family v. relatives

    Hey friendlies. You’re probably all like, What’s up? Do you realize you haven’t wrote in days ? When usually we can’t get rid of your stupid yammering! Are you okay? Are you dead? Yammering: (v) See ‘yakking’, also ‘blabbering.’ Well, no. I am not dead. I am fine. Just busy. Like for instance, there...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 05-12-2008
  • this is me, saving myself

    Yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble. And I bought lots! Thanks to the mega gift card bought with Marriot Reward points, I got four books and the Juno soundtrack. Woot woot! In other news, I'm still trying to be better. At everything. My spirituality, turning my negative veiws positive, not dwelling...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 03-08-2008
  • on sending musics to people (and a long list of artists) (i want to make you a mix cd!!)

    Okay. So. I just got this idea. I kind of really want to make mix cds for people. I made one for my grandma a while back and when I was talking to her today she told me she lost it and was kind of upset about it because it's the only cd she has and she really wanted to listen to some music today...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 12-17-2007
  • a very special review, via text, from my grandma

    Okay, so yesterday I emailed Amy (the editor, not the writer) and told her what my grandma said about the book and she asked me to post it on the site. So here it is, a very special review... from my grandma... via text message... "Got u book! ur essay, so u! after crying, laughing, I'll continue...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 12-13-2007
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