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  • in defense of the human condition of drama

    So today as I walked through the kitchen to get a garbage bag because I was cleaning my room (floor = clean now), I heard like three seconds of whatever talk radio show my dad had on. No idea what the show was actually about, but the snippit I heard was this guy saying, "You bring up an interesting...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 12-18-2007
  • on being totally screwed up

    Seventeen. In some ways, I know, I am more together, more mature, more grown up , than other girls my age. I'm in college. I'm published. I'm a good kid. But then in other ways, I think to myself, I am the most screwed-up girl to ever come out of a functional family . It's true. What...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 12-10-2007
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