Only completely pointless.

There is no point to this but I was bored of my work and felt the need to share my excitement at the decent five song string of up-beat similar songs I put together. A mix I suppose. Playlist maybe? I don't really care. I'm a shitty DJ, I'll learn.

Roadrunner - Johnathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

Direct Hit - Art Brut

Bicycle Bicycle - Be Your Own PET

Magick - Klaxons

I'm So Vain - River City Rebels 


I've decided I'm going to try to get Eugene Huntz, the lead signer of Gogol Bordello, to be the speaker at my graduation. No one at my school will want it soit won't happen but I think I stand a chance of pulling it off, at least almost getting him. If I plan on working in music management and can't network through management companies to get a New York City based artist who won't be on tour then that's sad.


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