Third Blog's the Charm

Hey Everybody! It’s been SO long! Don’t worry though; I’ve got a fair amount of things to talk about. So first off, I’m going to travel way back to the SF readings in Oakland, Pleasanton, and Dublin. The Oakland reading was so much fun. Thank you SO much Jordyn for coming all the way up for it. It was great to see you again. Then there was the Pleasanton reading which was, of course, outstanding. Thanks to Jessica for coming. Who ever said “Two’s company; three’s a crowd” was definitely wrong. One person is lonely, a group of two people is company, and three’s a party! Also, quick thanks to all my family and friends who came out to support me [Grandma, Teachers, Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sister, Neighbors, etc.]  Finally, the Dublin reading: thanks to all who came. It meant a lot. Shout out to the awesomely awesome Erika. Thank you so much for coming to all three readings! It was relieving to know I wouldn’t be the only one.

It was kind of funny. At the Dublin reading, my brother came to hear me do my thing. I was stoked that he came because he couldn’t come to any of the other ones. So, at first he’s being my brother and making funny faces at my trying really hard to make me start cracking up in front of everybody. Then he just sat there with his head bent reading some comic book which actually looked somewhat interesting. He had his head bent so far that I didn’t see the top of his head; I saw the back of his head. While I was reading, I kept looking over to him to see if he was looking, but he hadn’t moved. When I told my mom, I told her “[My brother] must’ve really dug that cover art” since that was the only page he seemed to be looking at.

The she looked at me and said, “No, Dani. I think tonight he really dug his sister.” So yeah that made me feel really good because my brother normally tries to remain distant and neutral. It was special.

Alright, moving right along. So, this past week, I was with my friend in LA. She brought up a really good point. The word ‘unique’ sounds so ordinary! And even worse, the word ‘tofu’ sounds super cool! We were talking about that a lot. Tofu sounds like it should be some sort of exotic food or incredibly hard skate trick. I could totally imagine someone saying, “I just did a 360-Tofu”. Alright, maybe knowing what tofu really is it makes it harder, but purely by sound, it works. So my friend and I came up with an adaptation to the word ‘unique’ to make it sound more… unique! You pronounce it YOO-NI-KYOO with a short ‘I’. Sounds better, right? Okay, maybe not but we think it does. =]

High school. Wow. I’m stoked! I can’t wait to get in there and be an official high-schooler [I say official because I’ve already informed my parents that I’m a high-schooler by heart and maturity]. I just went to registration for it today. I think I might be bored, but I’ll enjoy the social surroundings. Don’t worry though; I won’t ever abandon you guys! I stick with the people who started me off. =]

Loves. Yes, this really is my next topic; I’m not kidding. But I’m not talking about loves as in crushes between boys and girls [or boys and boys or girls and girls; whatever floats you boat]. I’m talking about loves for certain things or places. Like for me, I call them ‘comfort zones’. I love roller-blading. It has become a hobby of mine. The roller-rink is one of my comfort zones. I always feel at ease there. Also, writing is another hobby of mine. It normally takes place in my room or on my driveway, so those are some other comfort zones of mine. Acting is yet another hobby, as those of you who read my essay know. So whenever I’m acting, I’m in my comfort zone. Also, the dark, cold, or night are all comfort zones. All of them put me at ease. Why should the dark, cold and nighttime represent evil things?

Alright, so if you guys haven’t figured out yet, this is my random post for February. I know, I’m a month behind. Never fear [not that you are], my next post is coming right up. Of course, topic ideas are ALWAYS welcomed and encouraged. Remember: you can always drop me an email. I love to here from the readers and authors. In fact, that has a little something to do with my next post. So, yeah. You guys get the picture: email me anytime, send requests for topics, say hello, etc. Okay, talk to you guys soon!


~Dani Cox




saskiab said:

Dani, I have to say, high schoolers aren't all that mature (I speak from, unfortunately, experience). You're probably more of a maturity level that transcends highschoolers ;-)

March 15, 2008 4:09 PM

jordynt said:

EMAIL ME!!! I emailed you like... idk, a few weeks ago? And I never heard back. I figure either you're avoiding me (haha) or it got lost or you forgot about it. So yeah I was really looking forward to emailing back/forth with you so I'll probably email you again soon.


March 15, 2008 4:31 PM

jordynt said:

Oh and ya, Saskia's right... even college students aren't all that mature. Most grownups aren't either.

March 15, 2008 4:32 PM

danic said:

Haha, you guys are hilarious. You're probably right, but there's always that occasional person or two.... or maybe I'm just dreaming again. =] And Jordyn, yes I got your email and then thought I responded to it so I put it somewhere and now I can't find it. I thought I replied... maybe not. I'll try to find it and then reply if I can. =]]]]]]


March 15, 2008 5:22 PM

erikak said:

I'm so excited that I can now post comments!!!!!

So Dani really, thanks so much to your mom for organizing those readings.  I was totally happy to keep you company :) AND SEE YOUR SUPER CUTE BROTHER!!!  My gosh he is just the cutest thing ever.  (oh, for clarification, I'm talking about the younger one although I'm sure the older one's nice too)  

And hahaha...I agree about the exotic-ness of Tofu...I will idolize you forever if you can make tofu into some sort of slang for a skate boarding trick cause that would be AMAZING!

March 15, 2008 5:26 PM