Sometimes, silence is golden. Other times, people appreciate an opinion more. However, almost always, when silence is used wisely in order to accent the opinion, it creates such a more drastic effect. It's like a punch in the stomach from someone who normally keeps to themselves. It's got that extra kick to it, that sweet feeling that you can't help but enjoy. I'm hoping that I have used my silence wisely; that I haven't blogged too little to where no one will hear it anyway, but not too much to where it gets lost in all the other noise.

               Humans are scary individuals. They are devious, gullible, prone to make mistakes, and love to blame everyone BUT themselves. Today, I realized once again just how scary these creatures can be. I watched the Vice Presidential Debate today live, and can't help but satisfy my aching hunger to scream out my take on this whole ordeal.

               Palin. (PEY-lin) 1) adj. when people pay attention to a certain interesting quality and forget the truly important matter.

              This woman, who is inexperienced, is running for Vice President. This is scary. What ever happened to our high standards that our great Presidents such as Roosevelt set? They were shot down along with the many Polar Bears that hang on Palin's mantle in her home. She had never been out of the country until 2007, not even passing through. That's pretty sad seeing that she lived in Alaska, which is completely surrounded by Canada. I had my passport by the time I was 7. She was mayor of a small town by the name of Wasilla, Alaska for 6 years and Governer of Alaska for 2 years. She has no foreign policy background and very little political experience. How could we have gone from accomplished Hilary Clinton to PTA mom Sarah Palin? Heck, why don't I just take debate class next semester and then run for President myself? At least I knew that dinosaurs existed 6.5 billion years ago.

            Back to my point: people are overlooking what Palin stands for and just seeing that she is a woman. SO WHAT?!?!?! Sure, it'd be kind of cool to have a woman in office, but do you honestly want to waste that title on a person like Palin? It's like your first kiss. Would you rather have a really bad one ASAP or wait a little bit longer and have a more memorable one? Personally, I'd much rather the latter.

            People need to realize that appearance doesn't matter, it's what goes on beneath the surface. U.S. citizens need a positive role model to look up to right now. We are about to endure very hard times. We need a political team that will not only work us thruogh it, but hold our hand on the way and give us hope. That is what President Ronald Reagan is most famous for, is it not? I want someone who knows reality and who isn't going to dance around the inconvenient truth. Someone who is willing to admit how hard something may be, but at the same time knows how to keep our wills strong and hopeful. I don't want a Sarah Palin. I don't want someone who makes it all seem like a fairytale, that everything will be just fine. I do not want someone to put me in a plastic bubble, I want someone who will teach me how to handle real situations so that my generation can take over when the time comes.

           A very perceptive artist by the name of Adam Zyglis sketched a political cartoon that I thought illustrated my point to the 't'.


7B81e96953-c640-4137-8a82-b27ded9ea.gif picture by CamillaThopson


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