Red: the book!

 Wow, first of all I am just SO thrilled to be on this website and to start posting and connecting with some of the other girl's and hopefully with some of our reader's!! This is my first time (& probably for most of us) being published, and let me tell you it feels unlike anything in the world! I just feel so proud and accomplished and it is so fantastic! I simply cannot stop smiling when I think of it, I mean the fact that we are getting our word's, thought's, and feeling's out there to the world is mind blowing! Who know's who will read it, who know's who's live's we may inspire or touch?! Wow! I feel so lucky, I've even cried with happiness! (I am such an emotional person haha!)

And wow...just imagine if Johnny got the chance to read my essay, I would simply die! That would be incredible, I sure hope he somehow does! :)

 Also SO SO SO thrilled for the NYC Party! It'll be the experience of a lifetime! Cannot wait to meet all my fellow author's of Red and let alone our incredible editor Amy G herself! The amazing woman we've been working with all this time and who has helped our dream's come true! Wow, it just seems so unreal that this has happend! Just seeing my name plus my hard work and thoughts printed in a book is just...indescribable! I don't think I will ever be able to get over it! Cannot wait to celebrate tomorrow!

 I could write for hours more but I must force myself to go and get packing for the big day! (I have a 7AM flight tomorrow eek!) It's all SO worth it!! NYC here I come baby!!! :)


~ Grace H



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