~Fiddler on the Roof~Holiday Season~ NYC Response~And a NEED to UPDATE!

Where in the world to start!? I feel just awful I've been absent from posting my writing in here for so long! First of all I MUST get this off my chest! Just how terribleI feel since I never got the chance to say what an incredibly wonderful time I had at the NYC Red: the Book signing/release party! It was so much better than I ever could have imagined, I felt so lucky and blessed to be a part of it! It was so cool to match each and everyone’s stories with a face finally and get to meet the amazing Amy who we had been working with all year! She was as fabulous and kind as I imagined, I mean she is the brilliant one who pulled this book together in the first place, discovered us, got us published, helped us, taught us SO much and pulled the fabulous party together! The food was great, the atmosphere was perfect, and the conversations, smiles and giggles were just endless! I wish I could have stayed longer and chatted much more! I hope we get to have more events, gatherings, celebrations etc like this again sometime in the near future! The girl’s were so sweet and it was great to finally share our success and stories together and celebrate! I wish I could’ve spent more time in NYC too, but I had rehearsals that weekend for a show that was going to open soon! It was all so worth the trip for that party though! Thanks for the great time everyone!

Now I just finished up being in my high school musical production of "Fiddler on the Roof," which is an absolute favorite of mine! I was SO proud by how all the runs went, and felt so blessed to finally do a production with profundity and not like those “happy go lucky, fluffy musicals” such as “Guys and Dolls” for example (which what we did last year, blleeccck.)

 Another reason why I loved this show so much was because my mother played Golda in this same show within her high school career and adores it with all her heart so she really exposed it to us and so I always of grew up with it around the house! Not only that but my sister did the show in England through our old performing arts school called “Stagecoach,” so I have seen it countless times. My family really cherishes it, it means a lot to us. My mom practically cried when she found out we were doing it and I was happier than you could even imagine for this had been on my top five list for musicals to do in my lifetime ever since I first was exposed to it!

I was fortunate enough to get to play the role of Fruma-Sarah (the butcher’s dead wife who comes back from the grave within a dream to deliver one significant message in a very intense, extreme and scary way, it’s more like a warning if anything!) It was such a fun experience, not to mention challenging! 

It’s funny, I even mentioned this in my essay “The Depth of Depp” within Red that I am now willing to play the more eccentric roles that I never played before just as Johnny does and that is certainly what happened! I was so proud, I cannot even tell you! The crazy parts are way more fun to portray and much more tricky than the stereotypical romantic soprano leads as usual.


When I played Fruma-Sarah in “Fiddler on the Roof” I got the chance to go crazy, wear ridiculous death make-up, scream, and belt my heart out with a big booming voice! It was fantastic and most definitely was the best role I have ever played yet! I’ve enjoyed it so much and more than any other’s I have played because I was impersonating someone completely different from myself which was a truly fascinating experience! My director for real called me “The Bitchy Bat Woman from Hell” haha he is fantastic! He literally is a genius though, my high school is SO fortunate to have him! I just hope everyone acknowledges that and does not take it for granted.


I was a little nervous at times while playing this role actually for I was being held up on top of the shoulders of one of the guys in our cast, but nothing scary or dangerous ever happened thank goodness! In my mother’s production during her high school days, the guy holding up their Fruma-Sarah dropped her on accident and she had to go to the emergency room eeek! That was sure comforting to hear…but luckily I was safe! My mother and I prayed every single night before I went on for that scene! It was such a powerful effect though and I looked super gigantic and just scary! It was AMAZING! Ohh so fun! Best musical or role I have ever done! 


It feels so good to finally have free time though! To be able to get the chance to have more time for my writing, music listening/studying/creating, singing, spending time with friends, family, chatting, watching films, shopping and not to mention the Holiday festivities! I literally feel as if I was more excited and ready for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving, I am not even kidding you! It was all because of our vigorous rehearsal schedules and shows but so worth it of course!

 It’s incredible when you are in the middle of a production, focusing all your time and energy into it as if you are selling your outside life to do it. Let me tell you, even though that part of it is unfortunate it is absolutely worth it for numerous reasons. One because you learn a lot, also you have an incredible opportunity to express yourself and get out all your extroverted energy (that is…if you have any, which most all theatre people do,) you get to be with your friends or at least people a lot like you and different from you as well which is cool. In theatre you really learn to respect, appreciate and trust the people you are with for you are relying on each other and feeding of each other's energy, you have this close bond that is almost unbreakable, well at least most of the time. You see, when you are in a cast, you spend a lot of time away from your family while rehearsing constantly and then putting on the productions, plus the celebrations etc..then the cast literally almost becomes a family because of all the time and hard work spent, and that is not even the half of it. The strong relationships and bonds you build are also part of what make it so and it honestly is beautiful. I love my theatre, people community, and family more than words and cannot thanks them enough for the support and endless supply of love they give. I absolutely cannot wait for more shows and theatrical experiences to come and not to mention theatre beyond high school and the twin cities!  

For now though, it is time for me to focus on the Holiday Season, my family, and just resting and taking it easy for I have been going, going, going so much to the point where I have crashed from the lack of sleep, over usage of energy, and stress from all the homework I had to make-up eek! So is that a good enough reason for not posting in such a long time!? Haha, well that will all change now, but I must mention it takes a lot of time for me because I am SUCH a perfectionist it is not even funny! I spend over hours writing these thoughts of mine, crafting it, rewriting it, editing it, etc, etc, etc! So many thoughts of mine, sometimes even uncontrollable, putting me in front of a blank page can be dangerous...!!! Beware!!! :)Don’t even ask me how long it took me to edit my Red essay haha!

That is another reason why I have not posted for such a long while as well besides lack of time, sleep and being over worked is that I felt I wouldn’t have done my writing justice by just submitting thoughts, I always go overboard on it and to the point where I feel people won’t even read it, like I rant (which I am totally doing now haha!) but I love the whole writing process, I really do! I could so do this for a living, and I believe everyone and anyone can! I also cannot help but wonder…does anyone even read this? I mean I guess it does not really matter since I would write this stuff on my own anyway and its like a whole journaling experience, capturing moments in my life etc, but still the fact that I am going out and submitting it to the world after being published….I see all the other 57 girl’s posts and I honestly only skim since there are SO many! (Well of course unless there is one that totally grabs me!) I mean I wish I could/had the time and patience to read them all but dang that would take forever and my ADD just doesn’t allow me to do that, haha jk! I would also love to leave comments on everyone's writing more often as well not to mention receive them too, hint hint wink wink! ;) Lol!

You see, with my own personal writing it is often just thoughts, that of course are never super edited or anything (like most writers, unorganized, sketchy, artsy...or maybe thats just me lol!) that I may expand on later or not…for it could just be a quick moment in time almost like a photograph that you later look at and go, what the heck was I thinking!? Now when it comes to posting and submitting my work like this, I take all the time in the world to edit and perfect it for its going out before the public eye isn't it?….And that is the question my friends….will they take the time? All in all it does not matter too much because you always know at least one person will read it and it will grab someone’s attention, so leave comments I suppose then eh?....Also, it will be a great memory for me, a personal journal like xanga etc, and an awesome way to get my word out there for hey you never know who will read your work and be touched by it! :) 

I cannot even BELIEVE that Christmas Eve is tomorrow, I just cannot get over it! My mind has totally been focused in other areas and I was sadly more excited and into the spirit (like I mentioned before) around Thanksgiving time…wow. Even now that the show is over, my mind still has not been 100% focused on Christmas festivities and such as usual, I mean it certainly does not have to be by any means but it just makes me feel sad in a way. Am I less exciting or festive? Am I way too stressed for my own good? I mean I should not be now since we are finally on break, I guess I just have not adjusted yet or been used to it! (Which reminds me, not only are we on break for one week as usual but two weeks ahh!) My family will be going on a Hawaiian cruise which is waaay to good to be true! Warm Hawaiian sun, (and mmm their sunrises and sunsets are to die for) tropical ocean beaches, and adventures and explorations unknown here I come! (I will most definitely have Pirates of the Caribbean on the brain while there haha!)

I think a large part of the whole distracted away from Christmas issue this year was just that it added more stress to my life at the moment when I could not handle it, such as the Christmas shopping and baking etc. (Also, Fiddler was the most enjoyable yet most stressful show I have done so far within my high school career) because I had a larger role, more homework now that I am a Junior, etc…oh yes….and another little something I forgot to mention! Sweeney Todd came out on the 21st, so what else was I doing all of December…? Getting all excited, finding whatever news, clips and interviews I could on it! I literally had been counting down for it for practically a year, I knew about it before most anyone! Boy was I thrilled, and still am even though I have already seen it of course! That for sure made my mind drift much more than usual from the Holiday Season activities!

Next SWEENEY TODD REVIEW BABY! :) Get excited yaall! ;)


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