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  • on not forgetting

    Firstly, you should all clap for me because I studied THREE SOLID HOURS for my Psychology test tomorrow. So I better do good, or else Jordyn (who does occasionally refer to herself in the third person) will be way upset with herself. In other news, I found another quote. This one from Sara Zarr's...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 02-24-2008
  • gmail advert says: 'bra training for men'.

    It's 12:35 am and I should be sleeping, but the crickets outside are chirping and the one inside is busy tying to do me in, and there are barbeque potato chips and bowls of candy corn and cups of apple cider to keep me awake, and, although I am a little tired, I'm not tired enough to worry about...
    Posted to gmail is a tricksy thing (Weblog) by saskiab on 10-15-2007
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