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  • in list formation

    1. My keyboard has magically fixed itself! I guess the cure was to reboot my computer FOUR TIMES. 2. I might have a job soon. Which would be wonderful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 3. Today I was thinking about memories and one in particular. I was remembering something that happened when I was...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 04-23-2008
  • files of memories

    Typey typey typey. Just typing right now because I think I'm having a panic attack and I'm trying to not and this helps. I was talking to my friend today. She's this girl I became friends with in sixth grade (or possibly before then?) and pretty much one of the only BR friends I keep in touch...
    Posted to Your Smile On Fire (Weblog) by jordynt on 04-15-2008
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