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Back from LA (a flip-flop free zone, as it turned out)

Hi all! The book's West Coast debut was a huge hit--though packing flip flops was wishful thinking. They tell me the day of our reading was a particularly cold one, and after we were up there for hours, a family friend who's a doctor in the house came up to me, all concerned and holding a puffy vest that I had to put on over my dress, "Your lips are all BLUE!" Blue, red, whatever. RED was a hit, and the TV, film, and theater(!) people were duly impressed.

I'm playing catch up now, but my plan is to spend the holidays putting photos up--even video on this one, thanks to team Dani Cox. Her actor friend Aidan (Eddie Izzard's son on the Riches) was our videographer for the day.

Now to get my NY act back in order: Readings this Thurs and next Tues here. 

And hey, RED's in Newsweek this week! Just saw it. 


Published Dec 11 2007, 03:25 PM by AmyG
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jordynt said:

LA was great fun! (And wow, there's a sentence I never thought I'd say.) My friend had a GREAT TIME, which is good because I thought she'd be bored. I mean, it was a book party after all. Not really most people's cup of tea. But she liked it, her mom liked it, MY MOM LIKED IT, my sister liked it, and I liked it.

Yes, it was unseasonably cold. And yes, my friend did make a comment to me about your shoes. I didn't know if it was supposed to be a negative or positive comment though. But I liked them. (Of course, my opinion on clothing/fashion in general is worth less than the US dollar.)

Oh, and I sent you an email. Kinda long, and I didn't even mean for it to be. Sorries, I know you're a busy lady. (But hopefully less busy now that the book's out.)

December 12, 2007 11:21 PM

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