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  • Red the Book is off to Michigan!

    Related music rec, because every time I type "Michigan," I find myself singing it: Sufjan Stevens' "Greetings from Michigan" is a great CD. 

    So yeah, off to Michigan--I know, who goes there the last week of Jan?--which is exciting for so many reasons. Most of all, that Detroit-area RED authors Lisa Chau (so entertaining and not afraid to ad-lib or talk about poo, as those of you who saw her read at the NY launch party know; give this girl a stand-up show!), and Hannah and Sarah Morris (of many, many fans; and making their reading debut!) 

    Plus, the Friday night reading is in my very hometown. So this is me, about to face my own teenage demons. Don't know how you girls do it...

    A big mitten-shaped-state wave to cheer us on?

  • GSAs?

    Been meaning to ask you about this, so thanks for reminding me, Kali! We didn't have GSAs when I was in school--and it came up in so many of your essays I had to look it up, ask around, to make sure it wasn't some student government acronym or something. Anyway, this is something that really cheers me. Seems like you girls, your generation has made great inroads, will make homophobia extinct and soon... Unheard of that straight kids would be active in organizations supporting the gay kids, or for that matter, that the gay kids were even out. 

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this: Tell me about the GSA at your school? Are a lot of kids out? You have gay friends? Girls? Boys? Is there--on an informal, social, non-organization scale--an authentic gay student association going on?  

    Loving this, you're awesome, world-changing.


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  • Any of you playwrights, too?

    I imagine you are... This is an amazing, life-changing, career-making competition--I have a grownup friend who won it at age 17 and is now a professional writer/actor/yogi. Esteemed history, most impressive playwrights keep an eye on this one. If you have anything ready in script form? Or can by NEXT TUES, JAN 22?

    Sorry I just heard about it now, but it seems they extended the original deadline, and you know what that means. They're not impressed enough by the entries yet! Time to RED knock their socks off.

    Here, as much as I know. for the real info.


    Postmark deadline: Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    Send scripts to: Box 5134, New York, NY 10185 


  • Apologies for the auto-censor, we're working on it

    Though it couldn't have happened to a bigger *** (Cheney, that is), I don't want it happening to all of you...

    Jocelyn, Jordyn, Sam, and so on, we're really sorry about the software's auto-censoring--believe me, it's not us!--and we're trying to figure out how to override it. In the meantime, thanks for your patience and the right attitude. The Cheney thing makes me giggle every time.


  • Is the Internet for Girls?

    Hi everyone--and thanks, I'm LOVING your political posts so far. Please, keep them coming. I'm after every perspective--even you conservative Republicans if you're among us?

    And another personal-political obsession that's keeping me up at night, eager to hear your thoughts on it, because you're much closer to the subject (and to teenage boys) than I am: Do you think the Internet advantages girls? I keep reading about all this boys are falling behind in school, the colleges are getting overwhelmed by female applicants far more qualified than male ones--nearly a new kind of affirmative action--including the New York Times a couple of days ago, about tutors to help the boys get organized, catch up to their girl peers.

    Here's what I'm wondering: Do you think the Internet, namely the habits and skills that blogs and social networks call for--writing, being a good communicator and friend, organized, presenting oneself in an appealing way, attention to detail--is a part of what's elevating you girls and leaving the boys in your wake?

    Is the Internet for Girls? I'm serious. Think there's anything to it?

    It's very possible, by the way, I'm just getting old. Tomorrow's my birthday, Jan 4. Hey, Sam, don't you have a birthday right around here, too?