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Been meaning to ask you about this, so thanks for reminding me, Kali! We didn't have GSAs when I was in school--and it came up in so many of your essays I had to look it up, ask around, to make sure it wasn't some student government acronym or something. Anyway, this is something that really cheers me. Seems like you girls, your generation has made great inroads, will make homophobia extinct and soon... Unheard of that straight kids would be active in organizations supporting the gay kids, or for that matter, that the gay kids were even out. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this: Tell me about the GSA at your school? Are a lot of kids out? You have gay friends? Girls? Boys? Is there--on an informal, social, non-organization scale--an authentic gay student association going on?  

Loving this, you're awesome, world-changing.


Published Jan 23 2008, 10:22 AM by AmyG
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jocelynp said:

My school is often anti-gay, almost no out gay kids (a few theatre kids), and I can't imagine the harassment that would happen if anybody started a GSA. I mentioned a GSA to one of my more tolerant friends, and her reaction wasn't even good. I'd join one if it existed, but I'm too chicken to start one and put up with all of the awful stuff that'd happen. It's nice to hear some people's schools are not like that...I have one friend who says she "is not a *** at all but loves her girlfriend." So I'm not sure what that's about. And she's the only (openly) not totally straight friend (not because I've excluded gay people or anything...because they're too afraid to come out at our school), and she doesn't even go to my school.

January 23, 2008 9:31 PM

jordynt said:

Ok I might as well throw my comment out there. Uh, school in Arizona? No GSA.

School I attended for an entire one semester here? It had a GSA but I have no idea if it was a big thing or not, all I know is I saw some posters for it up when they were trying to get us all to join clubs.

I joined a total of 0 clubs. Go me.

January 24, 2008 3:53 PM

hannahm said:

Sure there is a GSA at my school! Actually, people are pretty tolerant at my school. There is a LARGE (I am mean super-huge) arabic population where I live, so it has kind of made people more tolerant in general. The GSA at my school has a pretty good membership, I am not in it personally, but that is just because I dont really have time to be in clubs. I have a gay friend and I love talking to him when he is in his "Oh my gosh that boy is so cute!" mood, because of course I have to chime in... xD Last year the GSA even had an event (I cant remember what it was called though, sorry), where from the moment you stepped into school 'till the last bell rings, you would not say a word. The teachers in the school had to respect the kids choosing to do this and it was meant "to show support to the silent".

January 24, 2008 4:55 PM

beccam said:

There is a huge GSA in my school that was just recently passed as a club. My best guy friend (I've known him since 6th grade but didn't come out of the closet until college) created the club and there was a lot of controversity because my college campus is a very very conservative school but we have a large amount of homosexual's in our school. It was finally passed by the board last semester and they started the club. It's a great thing. If you're interested they have a website and I can send you the link.

February 16, 2008 3:14 PM