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Happy Year of A New President!

Happy New Year, everyone! And I don't know about you, but I'm getting very tired, defensive, pissed off at how freely people--older, ignorant people--throw around the charge that American teenagers don't read, don't care about anything of larger political consequence in the world than what's on your iPods.

Help me show them how wrong they are? (Though you can also feel free to share what's on your iPods; fun and Real Issues are not mutually exclusive.)

Introducing....RED, write, and blog for election year 08! For the month of January (we'll see how it goes from there), I'm looking for your political posts, primarily what you think about anything presidential-campaign related. Which candidates do you like or can't stand and why? Which issues are the dealbreakers? Are you voting for the first time? Are or would you be voting along your parents' party lines, or otherwise? What's the word on oh, Oprah+Obama, in your home and your dorm room? Rudy, Romney, how much religion should or shouldn't come into play? Bill Clinton as First Man? Immigration? Abortion? Iraq? 

Tell me, tell the world what you think. You know how strongly I believe you're the next generation of great American voices, and that's why you're in this book. You speak the truth, passionately, beauitfully, in red-not-pink primary colors. The country we live in is obviously no small part of that--and ripe, too ripe, for material. 

Kicking off the RED, WRITE, AND BLOG CAMPAIGN 08!

Cast your vote! Write it in! Write it on!







saml said:

Ask and you shall receive Amy G. But be prepared for some existentialist ranting. Like many things in life, I think political campaigns and discussions are laughably illusive and high drama. And yeah, that Reese Witherspoon movie (“Heaven” was somewhere in the title) What the F was that?  

December 31, 2007 11:39 PM

AmyG said:

YAY! I expect no less from you, Sam (existential ranting). You're the master...


January 3, 2008 8:13 AM