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Between Blueberries for Sal and Joan Didion

Last I checked, RED's place on Amazon bestsellers for essays was between Blueberries for Sal and Joan Didion's Slouching Towards Bethlehem (which you should all read if you haven't already, one of my all-time favorites). And Blueberries for Sal isn't bad either. Anyway, somehow this Sal-n-Joan place in the world for RED seems right, doesn't it?  Made me smile.

Full reports on the latest SF and NY events—so much response I'm having trouble keeping up—plus video this time, soon.

But a few more immediate things first:

-Thanks to Jocelyn Pearce for getting word to them, RED is a recommended read this month from Readergirlz, a wise and wonderful group. And they knew girls out there would have a lot to say about it, so they already set up a discussion thread for us at their MySpace (anyone else still on it?) forum. Just log in, click on the groups tab, and search "readergirlz." Stop by,  weigh in, make an author appearance—sure the readers would love that.  

-And on Jocelyn's own amazing book blog, an interview with me about the book, what else I do. If you're curious, Teen Book Review. And know I trust Jocelyn so much that I haven't even read before sending you there...

-For NY REDs: New Orleansian(?) turned New Yorker Emily-Nicole Johns will be reading her beautiful Katrina essay from RED at a benefit for the Lower Eastside Girls Club, a fundraiser to send their leadership committee girls—who some of you have become fast friends with—down to NOLA for the VDay 10th anniversary, ending violence against women. Details from the link above or homepage. But brief is it's tomorrow night (Thurs, March 6) from 5:00-8:00p, and Emily-Nicole will read 6:30ish. Should be a special way to spend an evening, hope you can come!

-Also NY: RED's Sarah Harrison and Alison Smith will be in this Sunday's NYDaily News (March 9)! Fun one, photos and all. Stop by your Sunday newsstand. 

As ever, Amy 




beccam said:

Oyy. I wish I could have gone to an event. I hope you have one I can attend sometime in the future. I feel out of the loop since I haven't gotten to do a reading yet haha.

March 6, 2008 11:56 AM

beccam said:

Oh, and p.s. I feel like there should be a message board so that the readers can post up questions and things that they have for the authors and editor. Is this an option?

March 6, 2008 12:27 PM

jocelynp said:

I second Becca's idea! I mean, we have blogs here, but they can't comment, just send e-mails. Which, I don't know if any of the rest of you have gotten emails from any readers, but I haven't, here (although I have had a couple of comments from people who read my book blog).

March 9, 2008 9:26 PM