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  • Another year older, another year almost complete.

    Yesterday, I turned nineteen. It was very low-key, no real celebration. My 9am class was cancelled, so I got to sleep in a little, and our quiz in anthropology was moved to Monday, so I didn't even need to review for that. I chilled for most of the day, went to the final All Ways of Loving meeting...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 05-02-2009
  • College is hard! (Derrr.)

    I've realized a problem that I have when it comes to choosing my own topics for papers: I suck at it. In the effort to be different and choose something that perhaps no one else will use, I end up choosing a topic that is very stupid and impossible to take seriously or do well. Back in sophomore...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 04-10-2009
  • Miss Hunt Goes To Washington

    So it's been a few days since I went to D.C. for the Inauguration , and though at the time the experience seemed sad and terrible, I now look back on it more fondly. After all, I was in Washington, D.C. on the day of Obama's Inauguration! And I got to stand in a huge crowd of people who all wanted...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 01-24-2009
  • Yeah, I think I like it here.

    So before I left for college, I made this promise to myself that I would blog weekly on here. I'd pick a day — like Friday! Or Monday! Or Wednesday! Any day! — and blog on that day every week about, you know, whatever. My academic life. My social life (wait, what's that?). My life in general...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 09-12-2008
  • I'm losing my mind to nostalgia!

    This is seriously, like, the weirdest summer ever . On Monday, I was listening to Spring Awakening and by the middle of the soundtrack I was honestly crying. Then I got really crazy and went to watch Spring Awakening videos on YouTube and I watched clips from Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff's final...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 06-25-2008
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