Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

I'm losing my mind to nostalgia!

This is seriously, like, the weirdest summer ever.

On Monday, I was listening to Spring Awakening and by the middle of the soundtrack I was honestly crying. Then I got really crazy and went to watch Spring Awakening videos on YouTube and I watched clips from Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff's final performance and was just absolutely in fits. Geez Louise!

Yesterday, in Dairy Queen, the radio overhead played Backstreet Boys' "As Long As You Love Me," and I was in a freaky BSB-mindset all the rest of the night. Then this morning, checking my LiveJournal friends page, there was a link to a photo gallery of the Backstreet Boys Then and Now or something of that nature. And now, after putting my iPod on shuffle, BSB randomly came on and so of course I have to listen to tons of them right now — and oh my god. I am seriously so close to bawling my eyes out. I keep tearing up and smiling and freaking out! I just keep thinking of elementary school and being totally in love with the Backstreet Boys and seeing them in concert twice and being in the seventh row during my first show and it was the most amazing experience ever for a fourth grader ever and oh my gosh you guys Brian is from my hometown like omg!!



I am getting so nostalgic and sentimental this summer. It's nutty.

I went to orientation for Juniata last Friday and Saturday and actually talked and had so much fun and made friends and enjoyed every minute of it, even the boring Information Access crap that we all have to put up with! Who would have thought that I could be social with people I don't even know? I talked with my orientation roomie a lot, which was wonderful, and there was a group that I hung out with for most of the day on Friday — we had dinner together and roamed around for a while and chilled. So nice.

Anyway, so one of the surveys we had to fill out for our advisors had a question that was something like "Three random facts about you!" and I actually put, "I still adore the Backstreet Boys." And then when our little groups did some bonding activities (because all of the orientation crowd split into nine smaller groups), we did Two Truths and a Lie or whatever it's called, and I of course had to proclaim my love for BSB. Why am I so strange? Seriously. Lately, it's allll about the boy bands and the 90s and my elementary school days. Whenever Vincent and I get together and go out for a drive or something, I swear we almost always end up listening to some BSB, *NSYNC (but only their first CD), Hanson. I've been meaning to get some 98°, too.

But. Now that you all know I'm so crazy. Let's move on.

I got my schedule for next year, which is exciting. It is currently as follows:

• PC-120 - Astronomy — 12:00 PM to 12:55 PM (MWF)
• HS-104 - European History to 1550 — 2:00 PM to 2:55 PM (MWF)
• HS-109 - ST: The Sixties — 10:30 AM to 11:50 AM (TTh)
• EN - 110 - College Writing Seminar — 1:00 PM to 2:20 PM (TTh)
• IT - 100 - Information Access — 3:00 PM to 3:50 PM (T)

Of course, this is subject to change because of something very exciting that happened.

I was just minding my own business yesterday, playing Solitaire, when I notice that I have another piece of e-mail in my inbox. I click over, see it's from Juniata, read the first line of the e-mail and think, "Oh, maybe it's the results from my French skills assessment test!"


It was an e-mail in regards to my piece on the Huffington Post, stating that it had been sent around to the politics professors at Juniata, and that one of them has extended an invitation for me to join his "PS 399 02 course on this year’s general election." THAT'S A 300-LEVEL COURSE? FOR A FRESHMEN?! OMG! AND I WAS INVITED TO TAKE IT! Holy crapoli!

Now I've got to e-mail my advisor, ask him his advice, and maybe also e-mail the professor of the course and ask what sort of preparation might I need, what the class entails, etc. If I decide to take it, I'll probably replace Astronomy — I mean, the class will miraculously fit into my schedule, but 18 credits isn't a very smart idea for a freshman. I'll keep you all posted, haha. :)

(And this reminds me, I need to e-mail Mr. Pope about the Huffington Post thing! He's the teacher who gave the speech that inspired what I wrote, after all. Oh man. hdijsfdk. Anyway.)

Lastly, in not-so-nice news, I met with the oral surgeon yesterday morning. I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out on July 17th. Blech!

Back to the Backstreet Boys, now! See you around, you know, if I'm not blinded by my crazy!tears. Ahaha.



kalim said:

Even though many people wont admit it, we ALL still love The Backstreet Boys. Seriously. And N*SYNC, And Britney Spears. Its just part of our childhood, we refuse to let go.

Congrats on being invited to that class though! Thats AMAZING! Even if you decide not to take it or whatever, its really great that a COLLEGE PROFESSOR saw your amazing writing skills.

I meet with my oral surgeon on the first, which means Ill probably be getting mine out sometime close to your date. Which really bothers me because I have concerts to see! Bands to meet! :[

Anyway, good luck with your college situation!

June 25, 2008 11:04 AM