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February 2010 - Posts

  • Snow days in college? Really?!

    Could it be? Am I really blogging so soon after my last post! Les gasps!

    Well, let's just say it's been the chillest week ever in the history of my college career so far. "Why is that?" You may ask. You see, last weekend we got a helluva lot of snow. Like, eighteen inches, right? And the roads and sidewalks sucked but we had classes anyway because, well, I guess it wasn't that bad. Until Tuesday. And then suddenly, it started snowing at 12:30pm and didn't stop until the next morning. I think we amassed another eight or twelve inches? Something in that figure. So Wednesday and Thursday, we totally had off as snow days. Snow days! In college! TOTAL CRAZINESS! I loved it, though, and surprisingly enough, I even did homework on those days. Thanks to those snow days, I managed to finish reading The Jungle today, and am now ahead with reading in a lot of my classes. I have an exam on Tuesday, however, and a paper due in three weeks that I need to really crack down on, but other than that, I feel pretty good about this semester now. Not that I didn't before. But, you know, I feel better about it.

    So after classes on the Friday-that-felt-like-a-Monday-but-was-totally-a-Friday, Lyndsey left to go to Pittsburgh for Valentine's Day weekend, and Brittany and I basically have chilled since then. We played half of the songs on Beatles Rock Band on Friday night, and tonight (Saturday night, tonight, whatever) we played the rest of the songs and some of Band Hero, too. (I love the drums. They are WONDERFUL.) Oh, and I also watched UK beat Tennessee tonight. Intense game, loved every second of it, and so wish I could have been there for ESPN GameDay. But it's cool, it's cool, I'll get to see them whoop Florida on Senior Day when I go home for spring break. (My original plans for NYC with a friend were spoiled, but I'm kind of digging going home for a week.)

    Tomorrow (today) will be more homework, though. Gotta really get into researching punjab cuisine for my History of Food paper, and I have a few write-ups for classes to do. However, it is so nice to just chill a little bit. Can you believe I've been reading for fun this semester, too? I finished Stephen King's The Green Mile (which I really enjoyed), and am now borrowing Brittany's copy of The Lovely Bones. Finding the time to read isn't always easy, but when I have it I try to take in as much as possible. And I'll probably have plenty of time to read during the five hours I'll be waiting in the State College airport, and then the four hours it'll take to get home from there.... Oh reading! How I have missed you!

    But first: homework.

    Also, guess what guess what? I put in my application for various internships through the SCA. Yessss! I'm hoping something comes out of this. I applied for, like, eight spots, mostly in the western half of the country (so far from home! so far from all I know! kind of nerve-wracking, to be honest). I also turned in a scholarship application and essay for study abroad, hoping to get the money to pay for travel fees. It's been crazy in terms of planning for the future, I guess.

    Well, I guess I'm out, RED. Gotta rewrite my to-do list on my white board to reflect what I did and did not do this weekend, and then sleep beckons so that I can work work work tomorrow ( Let me just say, though: this semester? I love it. I get to write some fantastic papers (at least, I hope they'll be fantastic!), I actually like a lot of the readings that I'm doing, I love my professors, and so many things for the next year or so seem to slowly be falling in place. It's exciting. I could get used to this. I know I probably shouldn't—things screw up all the time—but still: it's pretty freaking awesome.