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November 2009 - Posts

  • Happy birthday, RED!

    It being the second anniversary of the release of RED (thanks to Facebook and Saskia for reminding me!), I thought that updating this blog sounded like a good idea. I'm already procrastinating anyway, so why not? I've been meaning to update anyway (earlier this past week, I think I told Amy G I'd update... so yeah.), here we go.

    Oh, November. This semester has gone by remarkably fast. I can't believe I have only two-ish weeks to write my first draft for my American Indians class, and I really need to get cracking on my other paper about feminism and the fossil record! AHHHH CRAZINESS. Plus, Thanksgiving's coming up soon, which I'm super excited about—we're going to Washington D.C., then dining with my dad's cousin Gwen, and then spending some time in Philly (which, don't tell my roomie Lyndsey, I am excited about, as I've never been to Philly before). I honestly am kind of tired of this semester, anyway. I want to go home and chill and see my friends back home! The other day, I talked to Saskia on the phone, and after that got so homesick for friends and restaurants and general awesomeness. Winter break winter break winter break, I eagerly await you! (But don't come too soon, because I have papers to write still.)

    I'm also participating once more in NaNoWriMo this year. I have no idea why. All of these papers that I need to write, how am I supposed to find the time to write 50,000 words?! GOOD GOD, WOMAN. But I reached 15,000 words last night, so hopefully I can get to 50,000 before Thanksgiving again, which is what I usually aim for (because let's face it, do I ever do anything productive over breaks? um, NO). I also really like my story a lot so far—definitely an improvement from last year, when what I wrote was so painful to think about that after I finished, well... lets just say that I haven't looked at it since. And I try not to think about it. Or else I get really twitchy and cringey and just generally embarrassed. Because it was that. bad. But anyway... yeah. I like my story this year, and even though I seriously think that I have forgotten how to write, overall it's going well. I think.

    Last month, for fall break, my roommates and I went to Pittsburgh, which was super exciting. I had never been to Pittsburgh before, and we got to go to a Penguins game and everything! Oh, it was wonderful. Afterwards, we waited out in the freezing drizzle to try and meet Penguins players. Luckily, Fedotenko stopped and signed autographs and got a picture with Lyndsey. It was lovely. :D Before and after that, Lyndsey took us around Pittsburgh to her favorite places, which was awesome. I really, really liked Pittsburgh a lot, whee.

    Well, I guess rather than think about what else I can include in this blog, I should get back to NaNoing/researching/doing other homework. Hey! If I think of anything else, maybe I'll blog again soon! ...yeah. Sure. Um. We'll see.

    Happy birthday, RED! Yay! Maybe I'll read some of you later today :)