Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Life's little twists and turns

I was completely banking my summer on the hope of getting an internship through the SCA. It was almost going to happen, even—two weeks ago, I had called up the SCA once again and they send my application to five more places! I mean, it was looking good!

Well, then I got an e-mail from one of the history professors. See, back in February, I attended this study abroad session about a summer trip to Australia, and I put in an application for it because I thought, they, if it's wallet-friendly, maybe I could go to that! I wasn't sure about internships or jobs or anything at that time, so I thought it was worth a try. Well, a month later I saw the costs and decided that, er, it was a good time to pursue those internships because going to Australia is hella expensive. So my focus turned back to the SCA and I called them and e-mailed them until finally I got to someone who would send off my application. Until two days later. I get this e-mail, from the professor who is going on this trip as well, and she says that some sort of financial aid is available and if I am still interested in the trip and blah blah, that sort of stuff. I told her, "Oh, I would so still love to go, but it's still expensive, but I'll ask my parents," all that stuff, though totally skeptical about my parents agreeing to it.

My parents agreed to it. No, really. My parents said that I can totally go to Australia. Wait. What?!

So here's my July: two weeks at Campion College, taking a class, and then one week in the bush living and working with aborigines. You can see why I wanted to do this right? For two weeks I'll be, like, 45 minutes outside of Sydney—BAHHH I'M GOING TO SEE SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—and for one week I'm going to get an experience that may never come up ever again.

So, I may not have a summer internship, and it's doubtful I'll get a summer job since I'll be gone for pretty much all of July, but you guys... I'm going to Australia! Can you say dream come true?!

If you ever, ever hear me say anything about my life totally sucking, please smack me upside the head, because my life is actually pretty darn wonderful. A few weeks in Australia this summer, and next Spring I'll be in the Gambia for five months. I mean, oh my god. I never really thought I'd get to study abroad, but now I'm going to two places. Two! And hey, there's always next summer for an internship. Why would I pass up going to Australia, after all? :)



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