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January 2009 - Posts

  • Miss Hunt Goes To Washington

    So it's been a few days since I went to D.C. for the Inauguration, and though at the time the experience seemed sad and terrible, I now look back on it more fondly. After all, I was in Washington, D.C. on the day of Obama's Inauguration! And I got to stand in a huge crowd of people who all wanted the same thing: to see him sworn into office. And we all chanted and cheered and shouted together. And it was an exhilarating experience—standing out in the freezing cold for hours, yet adrenaline that pulsed through my body warmed up my toes and fingers, adrenaline brought about by the energy of an excited and energetic crowd around me. It may have been disappointing in the sense that we didn't get to see Obama, didn't get to hear him—and okay, it still feels disappointing and I still feel a little gloomy about it—but it was worth the experience of being in D.C. along with thousands of others who felt the same way I did about his becoming president.

    I am sorry, Professor Steve Steve. That purple ticket got you nowhere. But hey! At least you were in D.C. Right? Right!

    And hey! At least Obama is president now! I'm pretty happy with how his first week is shaping up. Signing the order to close Guantanamo Bay, overturning the Mexico City Gag Rule. President Obama? I do believe you're freaking awesome.

    Not that I think he's a superhero or anything. It's just so nice to have a president that inspires people to work together, to get involved in their communities and in politics and government. Because yeah, I want to feel inspired by my country and my president.

    I really look forward to combined efforts of Republicans and Democrats in working to fix the economic crisis—and overall, just them working together at all! Goodness knows I'm tired of bickering between the two.
    So it's back to school for me—this past week was the first week (yes, I missed two days of school, but hey, I ain't complainin'!)—and my classes so far have been pretty good. For MWF, I've got Major American Writers, which should be really enjoyable—I'm so excited to read books and stories and ahhhh, so fantastic in general!—and Introduction to Anthropology, which is wonderful so far—my professor is so passionate about the subject matter, and we also watched this really amazing video in class that I think everyone needs to see.

    On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, I have Comics & Culture, which is awesome. Um, reading comics for a class? Yes please. I've never really been that big into comics, actually, so it's really interesting to really learn something new. And then on Tuesday and Thursday, I've also got Latin American Society & Culture. I had the professor last semester for that Sixties class (!!! by the way, got an A on my Bob Dylan paper! Happy happy happy!), so I'm positive this class will be a good one, too.

    I can't really say much else by way of classes, though, since I've only had three days of 'em. But I'll keep you guys posted, yeah? In the meantime, I'll be reading reading reading lots and lots.
  • My one not-really resolution

    I know I always say that I've been away too long, I'll start blogging regularly again, it's just that exciting stuff doesn't tend to happen to me that often.

    Oh, screw it. I don't have to blog about exciting things. I can just write about whatever comes to mind. I think I'm just partially afraid of starting to write things that don't turn out very good. But that's just part of writing, I have to remember. To write anything good, you've gotta write at all.

    I don't like making new year's resolutions. To me, they mean, "This is what I'm going to do to make this year better than last year." But I don't necessarily want to make 2009 better than 2008. Last year was a good year: I got into college, I started college. I made new friends and good grades (did I tell you? Five As, an A-, and a B+. That's a 3.8 GPA. And my first A in a science class, ever). I played in two wizard rock shows. I smiled a lot. I laughed a lot. I saw Spring Awakening and RENT and Spamalot. 2008 kicked ass, to put it simply. And instead of trying to figure out how to make 2009 a better year than 2008, I'd rather just look ahead and think, "Well. I hope this year kicks ass, too."

    But if I were to make one resolution for the coming year, it might be to not make so many excuses. To not regret things as much. I won't say I want to lose all regret—regret can be helpful, and let's be honest, every once in a while we're all going to think about that alternate universe in which we chose orange juice over milk or something like that. But maybe it would be nice to start a blog entry with something other than, "Wow, it's been a while, I've just been so busy." Or maybe I'd like to be able to fess up when I've read the wrong chapters or written something crappy, rather than give the excuses, "Oh, I was just too tired/busy/bogged down with other work." Sometimes we screw up and we have no excuses. Sometimes we forget to do things or procrastinate too much and we can't turn around and wish we'd changed things. We can only move forward and think, "Okay, maybe I'll try to do this differently in the future."

    So the next time I blog here may be tomorrow or next week or next month or next semester. Who knows? I'm not going to say that I'll try to keep up more often, or that I'll try to create some sort of schedule. Instead, I'll say, "See you around." That's better, right? Truer. Freer.