Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

November 2008 - Posts

  • R is for really, really cold. That's the temperature outside today.

    So Jordyn did this meme the other day on her blog and gave me the letter R, for RED. I'm not sure if it's against the rules, but pfft, who cares, it's the internet, I'll break meme rules and maybe even make a few rules of my own—I'm starting off the list with RED.

    1. RED. So this is a duh.

    2. Reading. This is another duh. By the way, not reading much at the moment. Mostly just school stuff. If anyone wants to recommend a book to me, then do so plzkthx! I will have plenty of free time to relax and read once December 17th rolls around.

    3. Rickrolling. Actually, the Barack Roll is my favorite right now. But yeah, who doesn't love a good Rickroll?

    4. Red Sox. I was evil and subjected my roommate from Long Island to the Red Sox post-season games. this past October. She didn't like it much. Hahahahahaha.

    5. RENT. I first came across RENT in sophomore year when the movie was coming out. Listened to it, saw the movie, went crazy over it. And last April (actually, last day of March), I saw it on Broadway. Dream come true!

    6. Reminiscing. Oh, I am the queen of nostalgia parties. Lately, it's been for the Backstreet Boys—wait, did I say lately? I mean the past, like, six months. But yes, I watched the finale of TRL in which they performed, and oh my gosh. I was seriously tearing up. Would you believe it? BSB absolutely got me into TRL and MTV (when I was nine, okay? Should a nine year old really be watching MTV? No, I don't think so—but whatever, I'm not messed up), so the end of TRL has officially been deemed as the end of my childhood. Though I haven't watched TRL since, like, middle school. Oh, and last week I also reminisced about Pepperhill Farm Day Camp, as I came across a Facebook group for it. I went there for, oh, three or four or five summers in a row? Looking through pictures and the members list had me recounting a gazillion memories from that place. Crazy.

    7. Richie. As in Lionel Richie. As in his music video for the song "Hello." As in I'm in love with the creep factor of that video. As in I'm down to just putting a bunch of crap on this list as thinking up ten things that begin with the letter R that I love is freaking impossible.

    8. Researching. Okay, I don't like all sorts of research. When I had to write that paper about Bull Connor, I was honestly bored out of my skull because everything said the exact same thing yet I had to have different resources and c'mon, couldn't I just say hey, he was a big jerk, the end? Of course not. But the research for my paper about youth in Iran fascinated me—probably because, well, I know a lot less about Iran and Iranian youth than I do about the Civil Rights movement of the 60s. Just like I'm really pumped up about this paper about Bob Dylan and the Newport Folk Festival. I really don't actually know a whole lot about Bob Dylan, about the folk music scene of the 60s. So it should be a neat paper to write.

    9. Relaxing. I probably relax more often than is healthy.

    10. Really, whatever's on my mind right now. HAHA COP-OUT. But right now, I'm thinking about the reading I am about to do for my Sixties class tomorrow, Midnight Cowboy and whether or not I can draw out anymore inspiration from it for NaNo, my BFF Vincent with whom I am chatting on AIM, and the prospect of sleep tonight. And yes, I love all of that. Even the reading for class.
  • Everybody's talkin' at me.

    Tonight, my Sixties class got together to watch Midnight Cowboy. Can I just say that I absolutely loved it? When I got back to my room, I started listening to Harry Nilsson's "Everybody's Talkin'" on repeat and thinking about the movie and then when I settled down to write today's quote for NaNoWriMo, the movie was dominating my mind. So what did I do? I basically wrote 2,000 words off of inspiration from that movie. I just incorporated it into my character's lives and voila! Who knew that movie inspiration could be so freaking helpful?!

    Want movie and soundtrack, kthx.

    Moving on: who else is superexcited for Thanksgiving break next week? I know I sure am! Last week was killer, as I had three papers due and a test: the CWS paper that I wrote about youth in Iran, a short essay about selected readings in The Decameron, and my Sixties class paper about Bull Connor. Then an Astronomy test (which I got a 93% on! Score!). Tomorrow, I have a short essay due on a piece of reading for euro. After that, I should be home free until after Thanksgiving break—well, except for the fact that I have two other papers I need to research for. One in CWS about a topic of our choice (I'm thinking deaf culture, as we were told to choose something that relates to us—thing is, what kind of argument can I create out of the topic of deaf culture?), and on for Sixties about Bob Dylan breaking out the electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival. Oh, and then there's NaNoWriMo, of course. Though I managed to write 5k yesterday and bump my word count to 35,000. So now I'm at 37,000 and hoping that I can finish before next Tuesday. Because let's be honest: once I leave for New York City (New York City!) for Thanksgiving break, I will most likely not be working on NaNo at all. So hopefully, I can finish that soon, too.

    Whoo! Crazy!

    I'm pumped for Thanksgiving in NYC. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Yay! (Although, who else is bummed that Miley Cyrus is singing in the parade but not the Jonas Brothers? Excuse me. Not cool. I'd much rather have JoBros than Miley. Because guilty pleasure, yes indeedy!) I am also making my family go to MoMA and the Life Cafe. And probably a bunch of other places, too. But I swear I'm letting them decide on things, too? My sister and I are using GoogleDocs to create an itinerary for the trip, though we want to do entirely too many things and so we still have to cut stuff out. Whatever. We'll figure something out.

    Okay. Time to stop writing this. I have a short paper to write. Night, all. :)
  • I believe, I believe, I believe.

    Well, here we are, Millennials. Here we are with our new President-Elect, Barack Obama. Here we are, chanting "Yes we can!" I'll be honest. I cried tonight. I shook with joy and amazement. I cheered and ran a victory lap through the hallway in my dorm. I wore my Obama shirt today. And I feel important. I feel as if I've made a difference. I feel as if this election is the most important election I'll face in my lifetime — now, whether or not this is true, I don't know, as I have many more elections to face in the future — and knowing that it is my first year of voting makes it even more special, sweet, astounding. I love my life and I love my country and I say this with pride, the strongest surge of pride I've felt in years.

    And I'll say this, too: I have a huge amount of respect for John McCain. He's worked hard for this country over the years, a country that he truly loves. How can you not respect somebody who wants to better your life in the best way they think possible? So yes, I respect John McCain. I may not agree with his ideals, his platform, but I respect him and his right to believe what he believes. I hope his post-election life is a rewarding and comfortable one, because he deserves it, he truly does.

    Whether or not you agree with me on the issues, on who the next president will be, I hope everyone agrees that it's time to unite, to become one country working for common goals of improving the economy and global relations, to promote peace, freedom, education, love. It's time to learn how to compromise and respect. It's time to break down the walls that seperate the people of this country and prove that we can be united, prove that we can embrace our differences and use them to understand and love one another. It's time to press on, time to work towards the future, time to fight hate and promote love.

    This is why I voted for Barack Obama. This is why I cried tonight. This is why I believe in my country.

    And this is why it's time for bed. Because I have to get up in the morning and prove that I deserve the education that I'm receiving, that I deserve the life I'm living, that I deserve the right to cast my ballot and vote for the next president. Good night, everyone. I'm counting down to January 20th, 2009.
  • I'm a little bit crazed this weekend.

    SO I MEANT TO BLOG EARLIER. Like, at least yesterday. But then I got caught up in the start of NaNoWriMo, which started yesterday and which I decided to participate in at 11am yesterday morning. So I've basically just been writing and not really doing much homework. (Up to 6,140 words as of this writing! Yay!)

    I also just got off the phone with Saskia, who I rarely ever talk to but who I miss oh so dearly and we are so ready to get home for winter break and take the food scene in Lexington by storm. We reminisce about curry chicken salad sandwiches from Third Street Stuff and eclairs from Giacomo's. Oh how we miss you so!

    I should be reading Astronomy units (2.5 to go! because I've fallen behind in my reading, oops) and researching for my CWS rough draft due Tuesday (punk rock + middle east = some sort of paper) and majorly editing the paper I wrote for my Sixties class (the paper that sucked so much, oh man, it's BAD). But I am blogging because I promised myself I would. Yes!

    The election is on Tuesday and yes I sent in my absentee ballot at the beginning of the month. Voted for Obama for president, Lunsford for state senate (Ditch Mitch!), and a slew of other peoples for various other positions. I have to say that voting feels amazing, whether it be through absentee ballot or actually walking into the voting booth. By refusing to vote, you're not only silencing yourself, but you're also denying yourself a truly wonderful feeling. And what easier way to make a difference and be heard than to vote?But hey, I can't really force you into voting, though I'll tell you this: if you choose not to vote and then complain about any elected official over the next few years, I will probably hunt you down and smack you. By refusing your say in the election process, you refuse your right to complain.

    Halloween was this past Friday and I didn't really dress up (sort of like an axe murderer for a while anyway? since I have a plastic axe), but Brittany and Lyndsey and I went to Standing Stone at 9:30 to eat and drink deliciousness, talk to the lovely workers, and watch part of a John Mayer concert DVD. (John Mayer? Love!)

    I caught up on the past two weeks of Gossip Girl this morning. Blair + Chuck = major love!!! And I adore Nate/Chace Crawford. WHAT A HOTTIE.

    sufkdsl. Is there a point to blogging if all I do is write a useless post? Bleh. Whatever. Just wanting to let you all know that I'm still here and am still very happy with college life and am trekking along with the craziness that is my life (mostly just crazy because I've decided to do NaNoWriMo. I mean, seriously, why? I have so many essays to write!).