Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

I'm a little bit crazed this weekend.

SO I MEANT TO BLOG EARLIER. Like, at least yesterday. But then I got caught up in the start of NaNoWriMo, which started yesterday and which I decided to participate in at 11am yesterday morning. So I've basically just been writing and not really doing much homework. (Up to 6,140 words as of this writing! Yay!)

I also just got off the phone with Saskia, who I rarely ever talk to but who I miss oh so dearly and we are so ready to get home for winter break and take the food scene in Lexington by storm. We reminisce about curry chicken salad sandwiches from Third Street Stuff and eclairs from Giacomo's. Oh how we miss you so!

I should be reading Astronomy units (2.5 to go! because I've fallen behind in my reading, oops) and researching for my CWS rough draft due Tuesday (punk rock + middle east = some sort of paper) and majorly editing the paper I wrote for my Sixties class (the paper that sucked so much, oh man, it's BAD). But I am blogging because I promised myself I would. Yes!

The election is on Tuesday and yes I sent in my absentee ballot at the beginning of the month. Voted for Obama for president, Lunsford for state senate (Ditch Mitch!), and a slew of other peoples for various other positions. I have to say that voting feels amazing, whether it be through absentee ballot or actually walking into the voting booth. By refusing to vote, you're not only silencing yourself, but you're also denying yourself a truly wonderful feeling. And what easier way to make a difference and be heard than to vote?But hey, I can't really force you into voting, though I'll tell you this: if you choose not to vote and then complain about any elected official over the next few years, I will probably hunt you down and smack you. By refusing your say in the election process, you refuse your right to complain.

Halloween was this past Friday and I didn't really dress up (sort of like an axe murderer for a while anyway? since I have a plastic axe), but Brittany and Lyndsey and I went to Standing Stone at 9:30 to eat and drink deliciousness, talk to the lovely workers, and watch part of a John Mayer concert DVD. (John Mayer? Love!)

I caught up on the past two weeks of Gossip Girl this morning. Blair + Chuck = major love!!! And I adore Nate/Chace Crawford. WHAT A HOTTIE.

sufkdsl. Is there a point to blogging if all I do is write a useless post? Bleh. Whatever. Just wanting to let you all know that I'm still here and am still very happy with college life and am trekking along with the craziness that is my life (mostly just crazy because I've decided to do NaNoWriMo. I mean, seriously, why? I have so many essays to write!).


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