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September 2008 - Posts

  • Diggin' it.

    Hahahahaha I lied. It's technically Sunday. BUT AT LEAST IT'S NOT NEXT WEEK. Right? Right!

    But now I have more to blog about! Right? Right!

    So let's see.

    Mr. Juniata. Ohhhh Mr. Juniata. Beauty pageant but for guys, to put it simply. My CWS lab leader, Blake, and another classmate from my CWS, Kyle, were both participants, so a few of my classmates and I sat together to form a cheering section. Blake won Mr. Juniata — we were very proud, to say the least! He was really into the opening group dance (like, crazy into it, haha — so amusing, so wonderful), and his talent was breaking out the piano and performing Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl." Absolutely amazing. He definitely deserved the win! I'd go into more details, but my mind is kind of drained right now. Sorry folks! Ha!

    Today, I pretty much hung out with my roommate Brittany, and our friends Mollee and Lyndsey. I wrote out some notes for an essay I have to write (plan on holing up in the library for a while tomorrow!) in an effort to be productive, but mostly we just sent a lot of flair to each other (Pieces of Flair on Facebook? Oh my goodness, I'm addicted!) and joked around a lot. We watched Pride & Prejudice, got food, laughed maniacally (and Lyndsey always seems to make me crack up when I'm eating — I swear, that girl is going to kill me someday). Lyndsey also began educating Brittany and I on the Pittsburgh Penguins. We're kind of impressionable, and she's absolutely obsessed. But it should be fun, having bonding time over sports, haha.

    Tomorrow I have the history picnic to attend — I'm hoping it's fun! These are people I'd like to get along with for the next four years. After all, I'll be having a ton of classes with them!

    This past week has actually been really lovely. On Monday night, I was freaking out about my Sixties class on Tuesday, because that class has managed to freak me out a lot lately. A lot of it is dependent on participation, and of course I freeze up and freak out and have such issues speaking up, so I've been a little bit anxiety-ridden. But after my classes on Tuesday, I met with my advisor (again: coolest guy on the planet) and he gave me some advice on speaking up, participating, etc. After that, I felt pretty good, because not only did I actually speak up to someone about anxieties, but I took the advice that he gave me to heart, really thinking about it and making myself work towards certain goals and such — and, okay, also because my advisor is just too cool to not cheer me up.

    Wednesday, I was worried about violin and orchestra — but they both went surprisingly well, too. Oh, and I got my first Astronomy exam back that day — A-, yes! And on Thursday, I spoke up in class, which was invigorating. I was really pleased with myself afterwards. Then, in CWS lab that night, we got our last journal entries back and I had gotten a check-plus-plus on mine. It made me happy :)

    All in all? I'm really digging it here. Sure, I'm now worried about this next week — I have to write an essay about public opinion in 1964 and then present it to the class on Tuesday, ack ack ack! — but I'm also finding that situations never turn out as horrible as I fear them to be. It's that fear I have to work through, not the situations themselves. (Here I am, echoing the journal entry that got me that extra plus. Zing!) And it's pretty much just this essay and presentation that are freaking me out (and, oh crap, just remembered another essay rough draft I have due on Thursday! Drat!). I plan on getting the first draft of this 1964 essay written tomorrow, though, so that I can drop into my professor's office on Monday and chat with him about it. Hopefully it'll go smoothly.

    Also: fall break next week! October 4th through 7th! I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing over break, as I'll be stuck up here while many of my friends go back home. But Brittany will be stuck with me, so we'll be stuck together. Thank goodness we get along so well! :)

    I am off, now, to venture into dreamland. I'm not even going to try to promise any future blogging dates. Just, you know. Trust that I'll get back around here eventually. Yeah? Yeah.
  • When it comes to blogging, I guess I ride the fail bus.

    Well gee whiz, I'm blogging all over the place today! I posted an entry to LiveJournal and to my friend Vincent's website and now I've decided that if I'm going to post over at those places, I may as well post here, too.

    I know, I know. I said I'd post weekly on here. And then I didn't post last week. I kind of fail at this motivation thing sometimes. But I blamed it on the fact that I swear, nothing exciting really has been happening. And then when exciting stuff does happen, I post it to LiveJournal, and I feel like I shouldn't cross-post it here because that's just cop-out blogging.

    Well, yesterday was mountain day.

    It's a day on which classes are cancelled — we find out that morning at 5am — and we're all shuttled off to a previously undisclosed location — in yesterday's case, Raystown Lake — for lovely festivities. Who doesn't love random days off?

    Other than that, though, not a lot of exciting stuff has happened, I'm afraid. I mean, sure, I love it here, but I don't really deem everything blog-worthy.

    Um. I had my first Astronomy exam last Friday. When I find out how I did on that, I'll let you know. HAHA LAME.

    Actually. Wait. I promise I'll blog on Saturday. Promise. After all, I'm gonna want to talk about Mr. Juniata. And trust me, you're gonna want to read about it. ;)
  • Yeah, I think I like it here.

    So before I left for college, I made this promise to myself that I would blog weekly on here. I'd pick a day — like Friday! Or Monday! Or Wednesday! Any day! — and blog on that day every week about, you know, whatever. My academic life. My social life (wait, what's that?). My life in general. I mean, I guess that's what I usually blog about, anyway. (While typing that sentence, you know what came to mind? "LULZ SPRING AWAKENING." I know, I know: "For the love of God, Amy, shut! up! Stay away from that musical! NO MORE!")

    I probably should have mentioned that promise on here. Because then I'd be guilted into blogging every week.

    I mean, I could be a total lame-o and repost the few other entries I've put up on LiveJournal. But then, you know, I'd be a lame-o. Or, well, more of a lame-o.

    So here! I'm saying it! I want to post once a week! Once a week! Though I don't know what day yet. Or if it will be the same day every week. I could say Friday, but let's be honest: I want to try and have more of a life on Fridays.



    It's going well. I'm not crying anymore — at least, not because of homesickness. I was close to tears yesterday, but that was because of the heaviness of what we had been talking about in class (we're reading A Long Way Gone in my College Writing Seminar, and every single time I walk out of that class I want to burst into tears) combined with the heaviness of it being September 11th. I definitely went back to my room, sat on my bed, and just breathed for a good while. And sometimes, that's all we can do: just breathe.

    Classes aren't that bad. Except I constantly wonder why I signed up for Astronomy because it's kinda kicking my butt here and our first exam is next Friday, HOLY CRAP ARE YOU SERIOUS? I really love my European History course, though. I recently had to write an analysis of a document that we read — snippets from Procopius' Secret History. He's pretty much bashing Justinian and it's the most hilarious thing ever. My favorite line? "For he was at once villainous and amenable; as people say colloquially, a moron." I know! Procopius, you so funny. Love ya.

    My sixties course is going okay, though it's not as exciting as I hoped it would be. Maybe it's because, well, it's stuff I've studied more recently. What's exciting about Euro is that so much of the information actually is new to me. I'm actually learning! I know, right! Crazy stuff! And CWS is great except for the whole wanting to cry after every class. Maybe once we start talking about Three Cups Of Tea, it won't be so intense. Though I'm doubting that. Seriously, seriously doubting it.

    "Okay. Classes. Good. That's good. But what have you been doing besides that, Amy? Because really, you need to try and have a social life. Your last entry was kind of depressing."

    Let's see. I've gone to Wal-Mart with some people a few times. (And yes, you know it's pathetic when you're excited to get off campus to go to Wal-Mart. But hey, at least one of the trips we also went to Dairy Queen! It was exciting! Even though the ice cream then kind of gave me a tummyache. Guys, I think I might be slightly lactose-intolerant. Sad.) I went to Obamafest for a while, where I got free pizza (!!!) and listened to some great music and heard some inspiring speeches. (Unfortunately, I had to leave early for my CWS lab meeting — but that was actually fun, too. I love my CWS group. We're hilarious. Just take my word for it.) I went to a foam dance party (which was a BLAST — and you know it has to be when I'm saying that because me? Party? Dance? What? I KNOW!). Lobsterfest happened, and I ate delicious steak (delicious delicious steak, oh my goodness) after signing up for a few clubs (although two out of five? I already can't go to! Darn! But the other three I will make time for, I will!). A hypnotist came to campus and that was hilarious. Tonight, we had a comedian here and he was hilarious, too. (Seriously, the Juniata Activities Board knows how to plan a good Friday night.) I ate dinner at Standing Stone (coffee shop not far from campus — so divine — real food!) with a few people last weekend. I've done a few movie nights/afternoons with my roomie and various others. I went to a football game (voluntarily! VOLUNTARILY!).

    I've actually had a good time here at college so far. Me! Me! The girl who just wanted to bawl her eyes out everywhere she went because she missed home and missed Kentucky and missed her friends and missed everything! Well. You know what? I still miss home. But I'm happy up here, too.

    Oh. Also. On Tuesday, we didn't have CWS, so what did I do? I watched As The World Turns. I know, I know. "What! Amy! You were doing so well! Three weeks!" YEAH WELL. I MISS THE DRAMA, OKAY. What sucks is that every time I go on to watch the episodes I've missed this week, the videos don't work! They randomly stop, or will just play all of the advertisements and skip the actual episode! It is depressing. I need more Chris+Alison drama. Need. (What's even more pathetic is that I then proceeded to write about all of the ATWT drama on my LiveJournal. For many paragraphs. MOST PATHETIC EVER.)

    Overall? I'm happy. I'm content. I'm feeling pretty darn good about this whole college thing. So long as I keep doing my homework (and hey! I've been doing my homework! Oh my god!), it should all work out. Yay. :)