Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Another year older, another year almost complete.

Yesterday, I turned nineteen.

It was very low-key, no real celebration. My 9am class was cancelled, so I got to sleep in a little, and our quiz in anthropology was moved to Monday, so I didn't even need to review for that. I chilled for most of the day, went to the final All Ways of Loving meeting, and then went out to dinner with my friends. We ate at OIP (Original Italian Pizza, aka heaven) and checked out Gardner's Candies (a chocolate and candy shop, aka heaven number two), then went back and watched TV and chatted for the rest of the evening. Overall, it was a really nice birthday. I adore my birthday, and while I'm not so big on huge celebrations anymore, just knowing it's my birthday puts a huge smile on my face. I can't be unhappy on May 1st. Totally impossible!

I go back home in less than a week—next Friday—and I'm notttt exactly ready yet. I have to finish revising my comics paper and inking my comic, and I need to write my Latin American Society & Culture paper, too. I'm hoping to get a lot of this done this weekend (which begs the question, why am I writing up this blog post instead of writing up a paper? Hush up, conscience!), so that I can chill through the rest of the week. I've got one final on Thursday (that's anthropology), and a take-home final for Major American Writers that I'll be turning in around the same time I turn in my LatAm paper, I guess. All of this writinggggg! Thank goodness I, you know, like to write.

Man. My freshman year of college... almost complete. It went by so fast! The first semester seemed to drag on and on, but now—how is second semester over already?! Insanity! And it'll look so weird once I've packed up all of my stuff to take back home. One half of the room is going to be empty while my roommate stays here for a few more days after I leave. Strange, so strange.

And my goodness, do I have a lot of crap to pack up. :O

But now I am ready to go home (and then go to Ohio for my sister's college graduation and then back home and then to Michigan to visit Saskia at Kalamazoo and then back home again), and find a job (oh man I hope I find a job), and visit my old high school and say hi to teachers that I still miss so much, and go to the movies at the Kentucky Theatre every Wednesday, and watch hours upon hours of The O.C. and Dawson's Creek and Veronica Mars and other TV shows, and run around downtown through the fountains and go to my favorite coffee shops and the library and all sorts of restaurants I have yet to eat at and maybe even play kickball or throw a dance party in the giant hole that is CentrePit/CentrePointe/horrendous and ugly. And good food: I am looking forward to good food. And reading for fun.

Man oh man, I can't wait for summer.



saskiab said:


oh also happy birthday again or whatever.

;) <3

May 2, 2009 3:07 PM