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  • Just to keep track of my sanity

    I decided that before this week officially starts, I should make a post of a few things that will keep me sane and grounded and smiling and laughing. Because midterms? They're gonna suck. A lot. But! If I can smile and laugh just a little big, then hey, maybe the stress won't kill me. 1. The...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 03-01-2009
  • I use lists as a means for procrastination.

    A few things that I have enjoyed over the past few weeks: 1. Coming Home . We watched this for my Sixties class and I really, really loved it. (And I know what you're thinking: two Jon Voight movies in that class? I know, I know, crazy. But phew, he used to be fiiine .) 2. The Killers' Day &...
    Posted to amylicious! (Weblog) by amyh on 12-10-2008
  • My Sweeney Todd Movie Review!!! (Finally!)

    Now time for my response to the film….oh wow this is going to be looong! Brace yourselves….:) I was so pumped for Sweeney Todd that of course I went to the midnight premiere last Thursday, risking lack of sleep for my last day of school before break and the possibility of more absences (at least they...
    Posted to graceh (Weblog) by graceh on 12-27-2007
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